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Anurag Agarwal

MD& CEO, Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd

Anurag Agarwal MD& CEO Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd

Anurag Agarwal MD& CEO Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd

What are the breakthrough ideas that you suggest to India in your industry?

Our industry currently is treatment oriented where in unless there is a health issue, animal won’t be considered for medicines/supplements. These issues are majorly handled by para-veterinarians who are more than 1lakh in number all over India.

There is a critical need to shift the current mindset from treatment orientation to preventive approach. As a breakthrough for this industry, we want to upgrade knowledge of para-vets by providing more awareness on available solutions. These caregivers can then work towards holistic care of the animal & before the issues turns into a challenge for animal – they can help the animal by being proactive towards animal’s well being.  This will help them to work towards preventive medicines/solution instead of being treatment oriented.  They will be transformer of industry if they are educated enough & have experiential learning on various elements
Inspired by our Prime Minister, another breakthrough we suggest for industry is use of Ayurveda for well being of Animals. We as a company are willing to partner this initiative & work on process to implement this at least on a pilot level to check feasibility of this initiative
What innovations are you getting in your industry for a better Indian economy?
From the time of Mahabharata- Ayurveda was used to treat animals however in course of time it died out.  Natural Remedies is first in the industry to bring back Ayurveda & blend it with modern science to create innovative solutions for well being of animals. Our brands like Himalayan Batisa (digestive care), Himax (Skin Care) & Prajana (heat inducer) were first of its kind in this segment and are undisputed leaders in the market even after 50 years.  We also take pride in introducing some pioneering innovations like Topicure- a first ever wound care product in Spray format.  Our Wisprec Advanced is a first ever vertical spray, ‘touch free’ pain reliever for animals in case of Mastitis, where most of the competition products are just treatment oriented. We are supporting more than 1million animals every year & the same is increasing day by day 

Define your leadership style and role
An inclusive leader who has a strong listening capability, open to innovative ideas & experiments. Supports the team strongly. He is a chief mentor of the organisation and a passionate cultural change agent.
Breakthrough ideas from you?
In today’s world- everyone is in the race of winning for self but when you start winning for others it’s a real breakthrough. This belief has driven us to follow “Being Useful” as a mother value of organisation
Suggestions for a Better India?
Every one around these days is living in a solitary & individualistic bubble. There is lack of environment, which will support an individual to come out of this. There is no concept of helping each other out and winning together. This is resulting in to loss of happiness, mental peace & impacting on productivity of an individual.
There is a need to create a supportive & friendly environment, which will offer trust, positivity & peace of mind, which will result in betterment of individual & improving their quality of life.

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