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Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – 2 Tang group

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2 Tang group is well known in Indonesia as a quality producer of tea leaves and tea bags.Its existence in the market since 1942 makes it a trust-worthy brand in the country.

The company’s name is well received, especially in the Indonesian market. 2 Tang produces a variety of products such as green tea bags, jasmine tea bags, black tea, etc. The company also produces mineral water and beverages under the 2 Tang brand.
2 Tang’s green tea is made from the best leaves from Japanese seeds which are famous for their high quality.As it contains the finest quality jasmine flowers, its taste is different from the other bottled teas available in the market. In order to support the company’s expansion, 2 Tang has established a domestic distribution system which guarantees product availability in the market.
Each product manufactured by the company defines excellence and comes with the assurance of fine quality. 2 Tang’s black tea is made from the finest quality tea leaves that are fermented and packed under strict quality control procedures. It is served with milk, lemon or sugar. The black tea tastes and looks different from green tea because tannin and other components of green tea are not present in black tea which enhances its taste and the colour. Tannin accelerates the cure of stomach and intestinal disorders and also helps in slowing down the aging process.
With exotic flavours such as mango, passion fruit, apple and others, 2 Tang is one of the best selling tea brands of Indonesia. 2 Tang was once known as a pioneer in 500 ml screw cap and ‘Sport Actions’ cap in Indonesia. Now, 2 Tang has gained a reputation in the beverage industry. According to a Hexindo research, 2 Tang is amongst the three big mineral water companies in Indonesia.
2 Tang has witnessed rapid growth through the expansion of its product lines from bottled tea to mineral water and soft drinks such as orange cup and tamarind juice.<

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