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Asia's Most Promising Brands 2017 – AMARON Amara Raja Batteries Limited

INT+ WCRC - November 16, 2017 - 0 comments

Amaron Asia's Most Promising Brands



Amara Raja Batteries Limited, a company with 26 per cent equity each from Galla Family and Johnson Controls Inc, USA, is the technology leader and one of the largest manufacturers of lead acid batteries. The company manufactures batteries for both industrial and automotive applications in the Indian storage battery industry.



Amara Raja is a leading manufacturer of automotive batteries under the brands Amaron and Powerzone, which are distributed through a large pan-India sales and service retail network. Amara Raja has a 22 per cent market share and is the preferred supplier to major telecom service providers, telecom equipment manufacturers, UPS sector (OEM & Replacement), Indian Railways and to power, oil and gas among other industry segments.



Amaron revolutionised the retail environment around batteries. The Indian retail for batteries looked more like dingy sheds and greasy workshops. Amaron made battery shopping a pleasure by making their retail outlets bright and organised. Amaron made great inroads and became the second largest brand in the Indian aftermarket space for automotive batteries. They are the preferred supplier to most OEMs in India. Today, perhaps every third car in India is powered by an Amaron battery.



Amaron does a lot of contact programmes with the key influencers – trade and mechanics – which play a significant role in influencing the consumer choice. To create visibility and salience, Amaron has set up special outlets called “Pitstop” as also shop-in-shops in auto accessories and spare parts outlets. Also, it conducts Mechanic Meets to explain technology change, battery maintenance and a lot of other applications and specifications to ensure the product is handled the right way. It makes sure that effective communication is provided through collaterals ensuring the trade is updated with the innovation of the product if any.



Thanks to superior technology, Amaron batteries far outlast ordinary batteries. Amaron has been the first to offer 36, 48 and 60-hour battery life in cars and 60-hour battery life for bikes as well. It was also the first to start manufacturing zero maintenance batteries in India. The batteries provided by them never needed an electrolyte top-up or any maintenance. Amaron batteries leave the factory fully charged to avoid inconsistent battery charging at dealership stores.



Amara Raja makes sure to keep everyone in good humour and great spirits. Far removed from monotonous uniforms and strict-disciplined manufacturing environments, where people perform repetitive tasks, they provide an atmosphere which is creatively stimulating and collaborative. They always work with the world’s best technologies. Their emphasis on sustainability and environment translates into a team vision that their people carry out to the core of every task.