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Asia's Most Promising Brands 2017 – MODENAS

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Asia’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – MODENAS

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MODENAS, the motorcycle company that propelled industrial growth, technological development and self-reliance in Malaysia, has been an achiever from its very beginning. MODENAS has become a major player in the two-wheeler segment not only in Malaysia but also in the international market.



MODENAS was established in tandem with Malaysia’s efforts to achieve industrialized nation status, now ubiquitously known as Vision 2020. Since its very beginning, the company has shown tremendous growth and promise, completing the entire infrastructure development in only nine months. It took the company just 10 months after that and production began in June of the next year. The hopes and dreams of an entire nation have thus been fulfilled in part with the resounding success of MODENAS.


The company operates in the motorcycle, scooter, moped and the cruiser sub-categories tending to the needs of the Malaysian customers. It has also started exporting its products, which undergo constant technological upgrade. To achieve its long term goal of world leadership, it competes with other Asian brands (not just the ones in Malaysia) in terms of technological superiority, innovation in product range pricing and promotions.


MODENAS has kept its technology upgraded and has delighted its audience with its products and services for the past many years. Gaining its own technological expertise over the years, it has made the nation proud with its national and international success. It is, however, the trust it has gained over the years by providing its consumers with products with value and durability that has become its biggest asset


The company conducts massive research on its development projects to be updated with regards to the needs and wants of the customers. It, thus, invests a large sum of money and time on these projects to produce what the customer needs. Apart from front-end market research, it also conducts back-end investigation into cheaper and better methods of production. The areas of back-end research include prototyping, endurance and engine performance testing among other things.


The company is working to fulfil not only the business goals of the country but also to satisfy an entire nation of consumers that would propel both its growth as a company and as a national power house that would lend strength to the economy by being one of the pillars it stands on. It has set the goal of becoming one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of motorcycles not only in the country or in Asia but to the world.


The company had a big role to play in the industrialisation and self-reliance of the economy of Malaysia

In 2007, it reached the 1,000,000 mark in production

The company operates in the motorcycle, scooter, moped and the cruiser sub-categories tending to the needs of the Malaysian customers

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