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asFounded by Dr. Arvind Poswal , Dr. A’s clinic is known and lauded for the techniques and advances made in the field of modern hair transplants . Based in Delhi, the clinic provides the hair plants surgery, ultra-refinded tricopigmentation and products to evade hair loss.

Blaze of Brilliance
It was established in 1997, under the realm of Dr. Arvind Poswal, who completed his medical studies from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (India). Over the past 17 years, he has contributed unfailingly to the field of hair transplant that has enabled further advances in the field of modern hair transplants.

Faith Factor
The company is helmed by 65 employees who are well versed in the entire spectrum of hair transplants, making the journey of conquering the issue of hair loss worth full. Providing uncompromising commitment all throughout, they have made their services irreplaceable in the field.

Engagement that Enthralls
Dr. A’s Clinic was the first among the many, to transplant beard hair to scalp by employing the FUSE technique. Infusing themselves with the latest techniques and technologies, they have won over the trust of the patients. Being well equipped in the entire spectrum of Hair Transplant’s including youthful hairline designs, Trichophytic closer, megastrip session, stitchless FUSE/ FUE, Body and Beard hair to scalp transplant, eyebrow transplant, Repair Hair Transplants etc. , they assist the patients with their best quality services , keeping their exclusive focus on the benefit of patients.

Innovedgeas image
Being the first Indian to be granted with the membership of prestigious American Hairloss Association, Dr. Arvind Poswal has achieved great stature with time. Dr. A’s Clinic was the first, worldwide clinic to transplant beard hair to scalp by FUSE and is also adorned with Best Hair Transplant Clinic award for the year 2010 and 2011. He has gained recognition all around the world and has achieved no. 1 position.

Brand Promise
The company has 90% business coming from hair transplant and hair transplant repair surgeries, making it a premium player in the hair transplant industry. Complying with the tag line of “We Grow Hair”, they employ disciplined execution combined with ingenious simplicity, to make it stand out from the other competitors. Using the electronic and print media along with outdoor branding, it has sharply marketed the company for the last two years.

Power facts
1. Credited with the invention of stitchless FUSE technique
2. Employed with doctors, who are trained in the Academy
3. Won Best Hair Transplant Clinic award for the year 2010 and 2011

Promise Beacon
1. 1) Have published various books, like “Hair Loss” and “Hair raising experiences” among many.
2. 2) First worldwide clinic to transplant beard hair to scalp by FUSE.

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