abhimanyu-ghoshAbhimanyu Ghosh CEO, Publisher & Managing editor:

With the Indian economy growing by 7.6% inspite of a weary world economy and a gloomy investment environment, India has a boom to look at in 2017. Inspite of an initial harakiri fear on the announcement of the DEMON- ETISATION, the Indian economy has shown enough resilience and vigour. The economy moves towards changing initiatives by the government such as the GST and an unified tax structure with fortification of cash accountability and digitisation of various payment models. The government has definitely shown confidence in its new schemes and models that promise a robust and fair economy with a good business environment for the innovative and principled.

It gives us immense satisfaction on that note. Because not only is the economy poised to grow, but organisations that make the economy boom are destined for a better time. Harbinger the models that bring about change with sustainability and innovations.

Today, Indian brands are increasingly breaking out of their native markets and going global successfully. Global brands find India an attractive destination. Not only because of a growing per capita income and rich becoming richer scenario, but also changes that the Narendra Modi government are bringing to set better working environment for global and national brands.

This special issue of WCRC LEADERS ASIA is a true salutation to the spirit of growth. We bring to you companies that are the fundamental star members of India’s growth and people who drive and strategise the fortunes of these brands. The Emerging No. 1, Brand of  the Year are the brands who are giving a serious scare and challenges to the market leaders. WCRC’s rounds of research with consumers,brands and the custodians of brands ensure a fair research process to finally select a list who are the movers and shakers of the industry. These are brands that are surely destined to become the number ones, provided they continue with innovations and strategies that cerebrally mark new changes in the industry.

This issue also features the CAPTAIN COOL. India’s coolest marketing captains who strategise and position their brands crisply into the mind of the consumers. Fundamentally thats real marketing. As they say perception often is bigger than reality. But the reality remains the sacrosanct acts of positioning that an organisation entrusts them with. These are Captain Cools who don’t fail. We are glad to learn various techniques that the most successful in the corporate arena apply. We hope you follow suit and draw inspiration.

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