EUROSTAR GROUP: Asia’s Most Promising Brands, WCRC

EUROSTAR GROUP: Asia’s Most Promising Brands, WCRC

Eurostar Group headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates embodies multifaceted companies segmented into five bailiwicks: Products, Trading, Projects, Properties and Services. Founded in 1980 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in a stretch of 33 years they have metamorphosed into behemoths in their multifarious endeavors with a tenacious persistence in both local and international souks.

#EUROSTARGROUPAsia’sMostPromisingBrands,WCRC BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE              Since inception, they have diversified into multitudinous ventures and have advanced aggressively over the years. Each business within the group is known for its adherence to quality and consistency. They have a reputation for keeping their moral principles by providing customers with the highest standards of contentment.  Eurostar group proffers its burgeoning consumer substratum with a 24/7 call support and a well entrenched distribution network expediently located in Middle East, Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Indian subcontinent. FAITH FACTOR Core values that makes this brand a runaway success are trust, integrity, honesty, excellence, ethics and commitment. These principles drive Eurostar into becoming one of the most promising and acceptable brands in the world. Eurostar has sold over 50 million consumer products worldwide and has emerged as an innovator in the tablets category across the Middle East and Africa, and continues to be a leader in consumer electronics. ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS Eurostar acknowledges the need of consumers by bringing to them customized products and services. They have been winning people’s hearts in consumer electronics, home appliances and tablets for the past 5 years. With the launch of innovative tablets in 2011 covering a broad range of applicability Eurostar also launched thematic tablets. These tablets are of premium quality, with latest technology, affordably priced for people from a wide range of income groups, and available across Africa. INNOVEDGE Customized Innovation has enabled customers of various ethnicity, age groups and social status to get engaged with the brand. The company has made continuous development in various fields either through valuable associations or through developing marvels by creating a new sector in the various industries. The Eurostar range of ePad tablets has the latest Android operating system with the best in the industry specifications along with other common preloaded apps. BRAND PROMISE Eurostar in its quest to remain the best brand in the Middle East and beyond has always leveraged ethical practices to gain marketshare and will continue to build its brand around the people. They find their customer’s needs on time and then research and accomplish them within a specific timeframe. The company has associated with numerous world renowned brands to bring the best to its customers and fulfill their needs appropriately. Eurostar has become the brand to follow and the results can be seen by the size of its followers on various social networking websites. The numbers will continue to increase because the company will never stop to serve the people and will always remain the first-mover.
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