ibrands360 Insights Research – WCRCINT+ Brand Matrix

ibrands360 Insights Research – WCRCINT+ Brand Matrix

ibrands360 Insights Research – WCRCINT+ Brand Matrix



ibrands 360 undertakes all types of industry research encompassing business. We are a specialised research company only meant for brands and its value. We are currently doing the ‘Most Valuable Series’ of researches to establish the most valuable companies of each industry. Our industry researches are based on value, image, sustainability, focus, growth, recall, image and impact a company creates on its customers and shareholders.


We have a deep understanding of the impact of the market and how strong brands determine the results of your business. Brand strength influence customer choices and create loyalty to  attract, retain and motivate customers. It also lowers costs and establishes greater company value. Our methods and experience are totally based on these values that build a brand. We work with the best brand specialist across the globe to make your brand most valuable.


We help you grow your brand and market share, ibrands 360, a specialised Brand research company of WCRC provides insight into the future by identifying the market and the attitude.  Our analysis is equipped with the relevant data that shows the key to the market and what the competition strategies are based on. We research every industry through our knowledge series, which makes our researches far more authentic than others.


Our Methodology

At ibrands360, we understand that a brand is the centre focus of any company’s business interest. Its a brand that makes a company profitable. Our methodology delves deep into understanding consumer behaviours and patterns in selecting a brand and what a brand does to create the right brand values with its consumers. We search for the parameters that create stronger brand values and associations.

Our methodology takes into account all the ways in which a brand touches its customers and hence drives a greater value for the organization — from attracting and retaining customers and creating a stronger association in their minds, we also try to find out how the brands do on the human side in the company.

Branding that creates association and recall.
Positioning and sustenance that creates impact
The market share that validates growth


Deep & Impactful

Our research methodology is kept in mind the needs of the consumers and the value of the brand. True value of a brand is based on both internal and external factors that influence the strength of a brand. Our methodology includes a deep consumer insight about the brand and an in-company audit to establish that the brand does fullfill all conditions of a strong brand.

In Company Audit


Values about what the brand stands for in terms of its proposition, consumer insights and people. Values about its beliefs, the ability to convince consumers in times of adversity and sharing a value connect with the consumers. WCRC model of Brand Matrix identifies the value systems of a brand

The commitment of the management towards the brand. How important is the specific brand inside the company and with the management also defines how much growth the brand is capable of. WCRC Brand Wagon establishes the connect between the brand and its owners the right way


Has the brand been protected the right way by its owners through copyrights, trademarks and other legal factor across all parameters. WCRC Brand Wagon checks the severity of the factors while selecting a brand

How responsive is the brand to react to market changes and how quickly it adapts to factors. ibrands360 BrandR checks the responsive factors of a brand to establish credibility process


Consumer Factors

12 POINTS ibrands360 MEGA MATRIX

Positioning: A brand is based on the right positioning it possesses with the target market. Its based on the truths of positioning.

ibrands360 Brand Matrix identifies the positioning a brand has with its consumers and establishes the right mix

ImpactThe impact with customer/consumer needs, desires, and decisions across all relevant geographies and demographics.

Brand Weaver identifies the impact a brand has on its consumers

Differentiation: The differentiation strategies to which customers/consumers perceive the brand to have a differentiated positioning distinctive from the competition.

Brand Link establishes the right differentiation strategies a brand uses for its positioning strategies

Sustenance: How well the brand has sustained the test of times.

BrandR establishes the sustenance a brand has

Reach: The omnipresence of a brand to reach its customers through branding solutions creating the right recall for itself.

BrandDOS identifies the reach and recall of the brand.

ConnectWhats been the connect? You have spent right! But has the brand really connected? Really touched heart? The brand is connected is always the best news for a brand.

BrandConekt is a methodology tool to identify that and also consults brands how to get it right with the customers

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