India’s Most Trusted CEO 2018, Farid Khan, Director & CEO, Profine India Window Technology 

India’s Most Trusted CEO 2018, Farid Khan, Director & CEO, Profine India Window Technology 

A visionary leader, on a mission to create and provide an environment where people can work closely to achieve sustainable growth on professional and personal front.


I have a strong belief that things can be done in a better way than before to achieve organizational goals and it’s a continuous process. I also believe that people should be independent to think big, dream big and achieve goals not just for the company but for themselves as well. I think I am a risk taker who has evolved and surprised many people in a positive way.

Farid Khan, Director & CEO, Profine India Window Technology
Farid Khan, Director & CEO, Profine India Window Technology

What was your journey like to get where you are?

If I see myself 15 years back, being government employee, I used to think big and was sure that one day I would achieve something different and satisfactory. My journey has been quite remarkable. Over a decade ago when I took one of the most difficult decision of my life to quit a government job and explore opportunities in the private sector, not many people were supporting my decision. Even I was little nervous with the decision. But one thing was quite sure that I was not going to look back and keep moving towards my dream of establishing myself in private sector. Initial stage was quite tough as things were different from government sector. I took the challenge and got an opportunity of heading a product “Koemmerling uPVC windows and doors” which was not so familiar in the industry but was sure that it will stay in India strongly. I was like a single army who used to plan, execute and deliver the targets all alone, at that time I met with a real me who is self-motivator, fearless and risk taker. In the last 10 years I have come a long way, many people joined hands and supported me in the journey. Few left, many still going along with me with a belief that we will together make this journey greater and more meaningful.

Approach To Change

Everyone has to deal with the change no one can run away from it but for me it was little different as coming from government sector to MNC was a challenging experience. We all have a fair idea about work culture in both the cases. The core differences between both are responsibility and accountability which are key to the private sector. You have to be very competitive, proactive, updated, skillful and self-motivated. In fact I enjoyed being challenged by this change in terms of work, responsibility and ownership. All this helped me developing qualities like decision making, effective communication, high confidence, commitment and passion, accountability, empathy etc.

About Values

I truly believe in a world with human values, where people live for the benefits of each other, and it should not be limited to financial help but also associated with respect, dignity, compassion and social responsibility as well.

5 key roles of a successful leader

Clear Vision with directions to achieve goals


Decision maker

Empowering the people and have faith in them for desired results

Team member

What Are Your 3 Biggest Accomplishments

Foreign investment on Indian soil

Setting up ultra-modern state of the art extrusion facility in India

Contribution towards society by generating employment

One word that describes you the best


Would you rather be respected or feared and why?

There is no need to be feared of someone as whatever is present on this planet is a creation of almighty. I strongly believe that whatever I am doing or contributing to someone or something is just a direction of the creator I am just following it. So I would love to be respected and contribute to the society.

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