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India's Most Promising Brands 2017 – World of Lending

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India’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – World of Lending

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The Organization was. established in October 2015 by the visionary entrepreneur Mrs. Rachna Suneja. The company’s vision is to be “Par excellence in the Fintech Market” by digitalizing financial processes to relieve the customers of traditional financial hurdles and give them a hassle free and time saving financial experience.
DS Finworld offers various financial solutions through variety of services which include loans through different banks, NBFC’s, investment options and insurance.
DS Finworld is the brainchild of experts with a lethal combination of Finance and Technology. Their financial systems break the traditional banking methods and connect the borrowers and lenders. Their ideology is double edged sword – they provide the necessary information to customers and share the verified leads to banks creating a value for time to banks as well as customers.
DS Finworld is currently a 15 member team who work tirelessly with banks and customers to provide the best deals to the borrowers/ investors. Employees are trained to understand the needs of clientele, be it banks, NBFC’s or borrowers, and are empowered to give the best personalized services through win-win solutions.
DS Finworld provides personalized services, customized to the needs of individuals.  All lenders may not be in a position to provide service to all borrowers, but at DS Finworld arrangements are made from NBFC’s or P2P’s as per customer needs. The organization connects real estate developers with banks for direct loan applications for property purchaser, online cash flow management for the real estate developers through integrated dashboard, integration of chartered accountant firms for online investment for their clients, corporates for their employees and consumer durables loan process.
Bad loans in the financial sector led to pressure on the financial sector, however the recent changes in the government policies are forcing the financial organizations to automate financial processes and digitalize the financial transactions for transparent solutions and to deal with the rapid changes occurring in domestic market as well as to scale themselves to international standards.
DS Finworld identified these pain areas of financial experience and are committed to build integrated systems to support e-signatures and e-verifications of KYC documents, system driven scoring algorithm, e-documents repository, and multiple financial products in single platform, online advisory that reduces agent dependency, visibility of all borrowers and lenders on a single platform and many more financial solutions under one umbrella.
There is a growing awareness in people to invest in financial instruments and DS Finworld sees this as an opportunity to build their systems to integrate Investment Advisory services that will provide the investors real time advisory on financial investments.
The brand strives to meet the customer expectations and is committed to offer deals in the best interest of their customers. The financial systems require highly secured environment and the team works incessantly to maintain the security of their systems and continuous improvement for uncompromising quality that ensure lasting relationship with business partners and customers.
Prompt service, deep understanding of client needs, integrated solutions and cost effective technology thus reducing the cost of financial transactions is what the brand promises.
Dedicated e-documents repository
Real time Financial advisory provided to Investors
Process involves a system scoring algorithm
Online cash flow management for real estate developers

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