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Keya Seth,

Founder, Keya Seth Aromatherapy

WCRINT+Super Fest – 17-5-18 -London

Years of working in the industry, your contribution reflects versatility and volubility. What has influenced your decision making process at various stages?

I believe, decision-making is the most crucial part in every business & your success in the industry majorly depends on your decision-making abilities. While taking the right decision is important, taking the decision in the right time is also vital. I have always banked on my intuition & logical approach while taking business decisions & over time I have also incorporated my professional experience to make my decisions.

A project or an accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career?
I started my career as a professional aroma therapist & shortly after I started attending talk shows on Indian National Television. The huge popularity & demand of my suggested treatments for skin & hair care inspired me to come up with my own brand, Keya Seth Aromatherapy. I started the journey with just 9 products & now the list has gone over 110. Starting with my own brand was certainly the most significant project in my career.
How do you integrate corporate philanthropy or corporate social responsibility as a part of your business strategies?
Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of every business. I personally believe that real growth cannot be achieved alone; you can reap the benefits of growth only when it has also transpired into your surroundings, your society. Keya Seth Aromatherapy has been engaged in various CSR projects ever since its inception & we allot a yearly budget to ensure proper CSR activities. For me, being responsible for the society is the duty of every citizen.
What has been your driving force or philosophy in life?
My love & dedication for my work has worked as the main driving force in my life. I strongly believe, you should choose what you love as your work, and you will not have to work for a single day & that is what I have done in my life, which has also worked as the key to my success.

What are the other philanthropic works you are involved in?
I don’t believe in helping people financially, I believe in helping people by providing them with the means to earn. I have helped many needy women with training & support to help them develop as entrepreneurs & today I feel really happy when I see many of them leading a life of prosperity.
How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?
For me, achieving my dreams is success. When your growth touches not only you, but also the people around you & the whole society in a positive way, it turns to success. To make people beautiful was my dream & I have achieved that through all my endeavors, starting from my aromatherapy Products to Medi Spa, Aesthetic & Trichology treatment clinics, Bridal Studio, Beauty College & Keya Seth Exclusive, all my ventures have been targeted to achieve this one dream.
We are constantly making things better, faster, smarter or less expensive. In other words, we strive to do more with less. Tell me about a recent project or solution to a problem that you have made better, faster, smarter or less expensive?
We have recently started to sell our products through popular e-commerce sites apart from our own company websites, which has not only given a boost to our total online sales but also has helped us to sell more products directly to customers without adding up to the cost of establishment maintenance. Selling through the online modes has also made it possible to reach the customers more quickly.
In your opinion what is the most significant aspect of leadership?
In my opinion, getting the work done without causing stress on my team is the most significant aspect of leadership.
Your perception of an empowered society. How far your industry has / can contribute for the same?
A society, where every woman is self-dependent, financially & emotionally, is a true empowered society in my perception. In order to help women, attain self-dependence my company as well as I, personally have provided free support & training to needy women, so that they can start their own business, become an entrepreneur & can hold the reign of their life in their own hands.
How are you actualizing strategies for product and process improvement?
We have a well-structured policy to ensure regular improvement of our products depending on in-house continued research & development.  We maintain the international standards as far as the quality of products is concerned. A dedicated team of professionals looks after the total process of product development to ensure that our processes are always up to date.
How do you see the market 5 years down the line?
In 5 years down the line the competition in the cosmeceutical industry will certainly multiply manifold & at the same time consumers will become more aware & conscious about their purchase decisions particularly for the products that they use daily. Hence, the market for natural products formulated without harmful chemicals will grow & the market for chemical based cosmetics will shrink substantially.
 One thing you wish to change and one thing you wish to retain about your industry?
We have reached a point where inclination of consumers towards quick acting, chemical filled cosmetics needs to be changed because the harmful effects these products might leave on the body is not even well documented till now. However, growing awareness amongst consumers can also be observed. The ancient treatment processes, like Ayurveda & Aromatherapy are now being cultured under fresh light & I wish this change to stay in the industry & trigger a permanent shift in customer’s choice.
One thing you have to let go off as an entrepreneur/leader?
Time to think for myself.
Whom do you owe your success to?
To my family, without doubts.
Best thing about your job?
Overcoming a critical situation through hard work & then reaping its benefits.
A message from you to all the future entrepreneurs/leaders?
Trust in your vision, believe in yourself, put in hard work, stay honest & have patience.

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