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king-power-logoKing Power established in 1989 is Thailand’s leading duty-free pioneer, with more than 25 years of experience Withholding a deep understanding of traveler’s wants and needs, King Power is a travel retailer with an enterprising and friendly approach for both local and international travelers.

The King Power Group is the sole Duty Free retailer through a concession received for all main airports in the country. This includes Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport, Phuket International Airport, and Hat Yai International Airport. King Power has taken the Duty Free experience to another level, by bringing a world of brands together under one roof, at King Power Downtown.

The brand’s internal and external communications have been strategised and planned to reach target customers. The strategies are not modus operandi. King Power provides an opportunity to marvel at the elements of Thai culture and architecture. The brand purpose and unique brand voices are welcoming and journey-inspired.

King Power Duty Free reflects the brand essence of being a perceptive and sensitive traveler’s companion. Inspiring customer’s wanderlust and making their journey conveniently beautiful has been brand’s ethos. Manifestations of brand’s purpose reflects exclusive brands and travel products entailing vast varieties of gifts, travel kits and other privileges that support journey.king-power-image

Q-MARK certification, given to businesses that uphold a notable degree of quality, has been received by King Power consistently since 2006. Since 2013, King Power has been awarded certification by National Tourism Administration of The People’s Republic of China as a business whose service is of consistent quality to Chinese tourists visiting abroad. Aside from offering visitors a largescale shopping opportunity, King Power Downtown has taken great care in creating a one-stop experience to sight, see, Power Facts shop, and savour various cuisines.

With a belief that human touch point is the most important, King Power seriously drives brand culture within the organization providing products & services for both local and international travelers. Brand’s future plan is to not only focus on price and promotion, but also to cultivate brand culture, and is passionately working to indulge customers with the best travel experiences.

Power Facts
ƒƒApprox with 9,000 employees the brand’s Annual Turnover: USD 2,000 Million, for the year 2015
ƒƒYOY Growth: from 2014-2015 was 35.11%
ƒƒOne-stop experience to sight, shops, and savour various cuisines.

ƒƒ2011, Granted a license to open Thailand’s first regional duty free store in the eastern region, King Power Complex – Pattaya.
ƒƒQ-MARK certification has been received by King Power consistently since 2006.

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