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Mizuho Bank

The biggest player in the domestic syndication market

Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Corporate Bank merged and began operating as the new Mizuho Bank from 2013 with a domestic network having 421 branches, 40 subbranches and overseas network having 37 branches. The bank claims the position of the most trusted financial service provider with a global presence and a broad customer base contributing to the welfare of the customers with an insight of efficiency factor embedded in the service provided. Mizuho Bank offers cutting-edge solutions leveraging its comprehensive financing capabilities meeting the needs of major domestic and global companies offering financial services (monetary settlement, asset management, and foreign exchange offerings), custody services (valuable partnership invested within the Japanese securities market), Yen cleaning services (clearing and settlement services globally), global business and financial products.

Key Features

1. In 2013, Mizuho Bank accounted for 34.3 per cent of the domestic syndication market
2. Offers bond administrative services for corporate bonds and asset-backed securities(ABS) as a trustee⁄fiscal agent
3. A part of Mizuho Financial Group

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