Moonbow: ibrands360, Asia's Most Promising Brands

Moonbow: ibrands360, Asia’s Most Promising Brands

Moonbow  the new baby under the umbrella brand of HSIL aims to focus on products that create a well-being and freshness. Brand Moonbow constitutes of the purifier products category with a varied range of water purifier & air purifier. They aim to be the top three players over the next five years.

  BLAZE TO BRILLANCE Moonbow air purifiers and water purifiers have gained recognition for their consumer interactive products and aesthetically appealing designs. While the air purifiers are targeted to purify the bad and impure air present inside the room and keep the surrounding fresh and energized, the water purifiers offer a wholesome healthy lifestyle with the hexapure and digisense technology offering pure and healthy water which is not only good for drinking but also is fit to share around. These products address the needs of the consumers who are increasingly becoming aware of the environmental hazards and are open to adapt the latest technologies for the health of their families. Moonbow with its well-researched market analysis feel that there are several pockets of the masses still untapped and need to be targeted as they believe in “Clean water for all” and would position themselves to include these masses as well. Though the brand is in nascent stages but is working aggressively to deliver more than the target within more challenging timelines. FAITH FACTOR HSIL is an organization of repute with leading brand Hindware in the sanitary ware space since 1960’s,in year 2014 they strategically diversified into the Consumer Products Business and met 95% of their business targets in year 2015 – 16. There aim is to be in top three players. ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALLS Customer experience at all touch points is a differentiating element in today’s ultra-competitive market and a slightest deviation would mean loss to the business. In order to enhance customer experience, Moonbow has  made a massive investment in  setting up  a robust after sales service. We have built a team of expert field technicians to support technical issues. Moonbow has 100 countrywide service points, and works towards closing 99% service requests in 24 hours, and a same day closure of service request in top 10 cities. INNOVEDGE The water purifier segment has established players and a competitive edge can sway the pointer. Moonbow aims a market penetration with their extensive range of RO water purifiers equipped with latest Hexapure technology. Moonbow air purifiers are powered by Puri5 technology, a five way purification process in every model, that has the ability to sieve hazardous levels of particle pollution caused due to dust, cooking, automobile emissions etc. BRAND PROMISE The brand aspires to invest in best-in-class technology, state-of-art plants for production, increase annual capacity, and enhance manufacturing efficiency. Moonbow believes that when you share water, you share more than just water – You share goodness. That is why the brand’s cutting edge Hexapure technology does more than just just purify water, it actually balances the TDS and fortifies the mineral content as well.
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