NMC HEALTHCARE: WCRC, Asia’s Most Promising Brands

NMC HEALTHCARE: WCRC, Asia’s Most Promising Brands

A legacy was born in the year 1975 when Dr. B R Shetty started New Medical Centre (NMC) in the form of a small one room clinic in Abu Dhabi. After 4 decades NMC has evolved into the UAE’s largest private healthcare provider. Owing to its reputation and popularity, NMC Healthcare today caters to around 2 million patients annually across hospitals and medical centres situated in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah and Umm al Quwain.

BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE The government was the only healthcare provider and healthcare was free for all in 1995. But there was a huge gap between demand and the supply of quality healthcare services accessible to the entire resident population. NMC was setup to offer patients the convenience of having all their healthcare needs taken care of under one roof. Through sheer dynamism and grit, the business has grown and today has 8 fully-equipped healthcare facilities across 5 emirates. NMC Healthcare attends to more than 5,000 patients daily who all serve as brand ambassadors while bolstering the brand’s prosperity. FAITH FACTOR NMC has a heritage of being the trusted healthcare partner for over 38 years in a 42 year old country. Generations of customers continue to be patrons and consider NMC and its doctors as an ‘ever-dependable’, ‘trusted’ member of their families, offering affordable world-class quality medical services. NMC also takes part in several campaigns and counseling sessions to give free aid to the people of UAE as it firmly believes in giving back to society and being a part of the growth of the nation as a whole. Apart from being economically viable, NMC strives to be environmentally conscious as well and contributes towards the betterment of society through various Social Responsibility activities that are organized from time to time. ENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALLS As one of the first private healthcare providers NMC faced numerous challenges in its growth path. The team at NMC perceived many complicated challenges as blessings in disguise and resolved them successfully to emerge stronger. Integrity, innovation, perseverance, professionalism and team work are the core competencies of its staff and these drive the brand into delivering personalised care in an empathetic and gracious atmosphere, conforming to utmost standards of quality at reasonable charges, thereby growing customer contentment beyond comparison. INNOVEDGE The two key factors which have created a persona of care, consistency and service excellence in NMC are Innovation and Diversification. NMC EyeCare in Abu Dhabi was formed to focus on varied conditions related to the eye such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Uveitis among others. Complying with global standards and best practices, it is the only private healthcare provider with 3 JCI accredited specialty hospitals in the country. NMC has been impeccably delivering end-to-end healthcare services through healthcare delivery, logistics, supply-chain, cost-efficiency and market intelligence prevalent at all its’ Hospitals, Pharmacies and Trading units. BRAND PROMISE NMC’s strength lies in its mission of providing high quality, cost effective medical care to all the residents of the UAE by deploying the best medical professionals, investing in world class technologies, ensuring accessibility and by being efficient across its supply chain and operational procedures.
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