One of The World’s Finest Natural Mineral Water!

areonarAreonar is a Luxury water brand from India owned and marketed by Aryen Beverages Private Limited. The brand embodies healthy hydration, purity and nourishment. Areonar is available in all major metros and tier two cities across India.

Blaze of Brilliance The brand with its iconic bottle design along with a rare assortment of water qualities is set out to capture the title of the most premium and exquisite brand in the natural water segment and achieve the freshest supplies to the stores from the source by using the most fine-tuned supply chain infrastructure.

Faith Factor Every drop of this legendary living water journeys through the mountains for years and in the process, absorbing Mother Nature’s essence and purity. Areonar is bottled with no human intervention to bring the essence of the Mighty Himalayan Mountains, the purest in form, truest in taste and safest natural mineral water.

Engagement that Enthrals Areonar originates in Himalayas, known for its healing environs and soul-reviving climate. Nestled in The Shivalik Ranges, the locals have called this the ‘miracle water’ for centuries, as they knew it only for its purity and healthy mineral values. No chemicals have been used in the soil around the region, ensuring the pristine quality of the natural mineral water. This is one of the best natural mineral water brand in India with high alkalinity.areonar

Innovedge The typical composition of Areonar natural mineral water that is finally bottled, displays the high mineral content on the label. The quality of the water is exceptional; having high level of bi carbonates and has been recognized as being among the top 30 water sources in the world. Bottled in a protected state of the art plant, every sip is a promise of essential natural minerals, rich electrolytes and a healthy pH level.

Brand Promise AreonarNatural Mineral Water is bottled from a protected aquifer and the water is completely untouched from source to consumption. It has just the right balance of minerals and is rich in natural minerals with a high level of bi carbonates. The crisp and fresh taste is captured in high-grade PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, which are fully recyclable and safe for contact with food or beverages.

Power facts 1. 2014: Year of Establishment. 2. Uber luxury bottle design. 3. Healthy mineral composition.

Promise Beacon 1. Superior Quality Products. 2. Aims to increase the market share while maintaining the quality.

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