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Pride of India

The top 50 Indian companies and leaders building Brand India


27 August 2018 Mumbai, India. 
Celebrating the companies and leaders who have over the years supported, transformed, empowered and created a world of opportunities  throughout India fulfilling their traditional and modern needs. The finest businesses by the best of industry experts to empower India.

Inspirational Companies

Indian companies are spreading their wings in all directions, as they do not want to miss out any growth opportunity. Several Indian companies have made us proud in terms of achievements. Pride of India, A research based series to honor brands and leaders across reverent categories who with a spotlight on innovation and  investment have created an edge and are together building Brand India. Pride of India Inspirational Companies of the year is based on the 5 broad parameters : brand image and perception, brand performance, brand loyalty, brand awareness and brand association .  The largest connecting multi-platform brand project, showcasing the chosen brands in the grandest version of print, portal and broadcast media formats. 

Inspirational Leaders

MOST RESPONSIBLE LEADER 2018 a first-of-its-kind effort to honor the contribution of Corporate and Entertainment Industry to society at large. The Most Responsible Leadership Award honors extraordinary leadership in promoting responsible business practices. It is awarded to the outstanding business figure or organization that has demonstrated a deep commitment to the principles of sustainability and whose actions have inspired others.


Why Most Responsible Leader Award?
  1. The award creates a network of professionals committed to furthering the societal development globally.
  2. The award recognizes leaders in CSR and corporate sustainability leadership giving them a competitive advantage.
  3. These winners also serve to be benchmarks and exemplar of sustainable business practices to other organizations.