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Profine India Window Technology brand KOEMMERLING wins the coveted WCRC Brand of the Year, uPVC Brand of the Year 2018

PROFINE INDIA wins big at WCRC Ideasfest 2018: KOEMMERLING wins the coveted WCRC Brand of the Year, uPVC Brand of the Year 2018. Farid Khan, CEO, Profine India receives the honour of India’s Most Trusted CEO 2018, Trailblazers category

Profine India Window Technology – a wholly owned subsidiary of Profine GmbH – International Profile Group – is a worldwide leading manufacturer of PVC-U profiles for windows and doors and a renowned provider of shutter systems and PVC sheets has won Brand of the Year 2018, uPVC brand of the year award for its brand “KOEMMERLING” uPVC windows and doors from the World Consulting and Research Corporation (WCRC) International, a brand equity research and consulting firm, at the third edition of its IDEASFEST-2018 in Mumbai.

KOEMMERLING is the brand with a tradition within the Profine group, having started the extrusion of window profiles and PVC sheets since 1967, Profine is manufacturing products that meet the highest requirements. From the Extrusion facility at Vadodara, country-specific systems are manufactured according to international quality standards, Through a large network of associate channel partners across India, Profine India Window Technology has a diversified product range including Casement windows and doors (Outward/Inward open), Tilt & Turn windows, Sliding windows and doors, Lift and Slide doors, Sliding Folding doors and Tilt and Slide doors.

KOEMMERLING delivers top of the line & high end quality products through continuous innovations in the domain of uPVC technology for sustained profitability. The brand signifies trust, highest quality and responsibility towards customer and environment.  It believes in maintaining quality relationships with customer by providing innovative products and excellent services. KOEMMERLING develops its brand in a sustainable manner. For the brand, customer and employees are at the heart of everything. 

According to research and analysis by WCRCINT and ibrands360 Brand Architecture, Koemmerling uPVC window and door systems are highly developed technical products which call for ultimate precision. The distinctive Koemmerling approach rests on attention to quality, innovative strength, customer-oriented production and service and an awareness of our responsibility.  For several years now PROFINE been producing uPVC profiles extensively with 100% lead-free eco-friendly calcium and zinc stabilizers. Since 2004, the brand has done away completely with lead in the virgin material for Koemmerling brand systems, which makes Koemmerling eco-friendly and sustainable. The brand aims to deliver the highest technical and physical performance values, together with an extremely long service life and minimal maintenance.
On the selection of KOEMMERLING as a Brand of the Year 2018, Abhimanyu Ghosh, editor in chief and Chairman, Jury at WCRCINT said “Our processes are strict and very clear. It takes competition into consideration. WCRCINT conducts a research on all competitors and analyses them as well. In the category, we found KOEMMERLING quality exceptional and their marketing perspective to reach their consumers innovative and cutting-edge”.

The award was received by Farid Khan, Director & CEO, Profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd. It was a matter of pride and prestige for the dynamic Farid Khan whose credibility, competence and creativity has led KOEMMERLING to appreciable heights.  Farid Khan also received India’s Most Trusted CEO, 2018.  He was awarded by  Shri Mahadev Jankar, Cabinet Minister, Government of Maharashtra.

Farid Khan, CEO, Profine India

Farid Khan, CEO, Profine India receives the #TrustedCEO2018 in the Trailblazers category

The award stands as a testimonial for Profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd. Farid Khan has quoted as saying, “ Highly delighted to receive such an honour. Congratulations to each and every member of Profine India team and most importantly our business partners as nothing would have been possible without your contribution and efforts. These awards are won by all of you and hoping to achieve many more milestones together by delivering excellence”.

Farid Khan also added “I find myself a visionary leader who is on a mission to create/ provide an environment where people can work closely to achieve sustainable growth on professional and personal front. I have a strong belief that things can be done in a better way than before to achieve organizational goals and it’s a continuous process. I also believe that people should be independent to think big, dream big and achieve goals not just for the company but for themselves as well. I think I am a risk taker who has evolved and surprised many people in a positive way”

About Profine India:
Profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd., a 100% owned subsidiary of Profine GmbH, Germany, represented Internationally.
profine GmbH – International Profile Group – is a worldwide leading manufacturer of uPVC profiles for windows and doors and a renowned provider of shutter systems and PVC sheets. With our successful brands KBE, KÖMMERLING & TROCAL, we have the right profile for every purpose.
Koemmerling is the brand with a tradition within the profine group, having started the extrusion of window profiles and PVC sheets since 1967, profine is manufacturing products that meets the highest requirements. KOEMMERLING offers a large number of window systems. So, every design wish can be fulfilled with different frame and sash heights and depths, double-sash elements without fixed centre post, transom/mullion combinations, real Georgian bars etc. The product range is rounded out with window sills, safe roller and French shutters, uPVC sheets for the building industry (used for example as residential door panels), cladding and balcony systems.
Efficiency, design, function, physical properties, the environmental protection and responsible handling of raw material resources meet the highest requirements and combine perfectly with the know-how of the window manufacturers to everyone’s benefits.
With the KOEMMERLING brand, we face the challenges of the future with confidence, honesty and transparency. So, we can prove our leadership position in the window profile sector every day.
 About WCRCINT: 
WCRC lives by the core values ‘Your Brand is the Business’. Hence it strives hard to make that happen. WCRCINT is a global leading firm in Research and Niche Publications. It has the leading number of Brand Intellectual Properties.
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About ibrands360 Brand Architecture:
ibrands360 is a specialized brand architecture and research company that is totally dedicated towards brands research, brand fortification strategies and company evaluation studies. ibrands360 research on brands have set new industry benchmarks. Its research methodology in evaluating brands and its well-being have immensely accentuated many brands positioning and dynamics in the marketplace. Its intellectual properties on brands have set new standards.

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