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The 5th Global Indian Excellence Summit & Awards 2019-2020, London: India's Inspirational Brands & Leaders

WCRCINT+ Inspirational Brands & Leaders is the largest multi-platform brand credibility project globally involving the most Inspirational Brands and Leaders from India. The Global Indian Excellence Summit is a global platform to celebrate the success stories of Indian Brands & Leaders who have made a mark in the industry through constant innovation and quality. The Global Indian Excellence Summit 2019-2020 –  India’s Inspirational Brands”; “iNSPIRE 2020 – India’s Inspirational Leaders” & “iEMPOWER 2020 – India’s Inspirational Women Leaders”.

Brand INDIA is taking a new shape with the rest of the world looking at us as one of the fastest growing economies of the world and also emerging as one of the Global Superpowers. This journey of Brand INDIA is made possible by Indian Brands & Leaders who have worked tirelessly towards the constant growth of the Indian Economy. India's Inspirational Brands & Leaders aims to bring forth the success story of these Indian Brands & Leaders and present them to the world through its global platform.

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India's Inspirational Brands

The Global Indian Excellence Summit & Awards

2nd Edition of India's Inspirational Brands and Leaders - An incredible Brand Trust seal that makes India's Brand quality visible and stamps trust. It is a combination of many powerful communication medium, events, Awards and initiatives designed to support entrepreneurs and their ventures. We create effective combination of content that packs a punch via publications, awards, festivals, conferences and research. Our core objective is to exemplify the spirit of the nation. Make Indian brands and leaders grow. Make their success stories be heard!

India's Inspirational Brands


India's 100 Inspirational Brands and Leaders creating strong Impact



An ideal network platform to make your business grow through exhibitions and attendance



Communicate success stories through our multi-media platforms for excellence. Use the Brand Trust Seal to communicate Trust

Business Growth

Business Growth

Our multi platform model sustained models make your business grow organically

India's Inspirational Brands

We have helped Brands

India's Inspirational Brands is setup with a mission of making Indian Brands and Leaders grow and communicate success stories globally. The seed of growth of a nation rests in its business and leadership. We have helped entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies grow. India's Inspirational Brands is aimed at creating a Global Trust quality for Indian brands in India and globally on their product and service quality and ethics.

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Get Awarded, Be informed, Share Vision, Communicate Success

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India's Inspirational Leaders

India's Inspirational 100 Brands and Leaders

What We Do - How We Help

The Spirit of the Nation - Brands & Leaders. A nation's biggest asset. WCRCINT helps build Entrepreneurial and business success by Awarding, Promoting, Communicating, Ideating, Networking and Executing success stories seamlessly globally. Where others try, We create robust plans and differentiating communication that breaks clutter. Our impeccable track record is unmatched.

Growing the UK India Business Relations

UK India Business Summit - The Global Indian Excellence Awards

India's Inspirational Brands & Leaders Jury

The Topmost Names That Evaluate

Lord Swraj Paul

Lord Swraj Paul

Global Industrialist

Prof. Malcolm McDonald

Prof. Malcolm McDonald

Legendary Marketing Guru

Abhimanyu Ghosh

Abhimanyu Ghosh

Editor in Chief, WCRCLEADERS

Lord Raj Loomba

Lord Raj Loomba

Global Industrialist and British Parlamenterian

What They Say

Our Clients Speak For Us

Anshu Budhraja
The communication sent out is clear, crisp and effective.

— Anshu Budhraja

CEO, Amway India

Nikhil Arora
Visually stunning event with world-class content and super attendance

— Nikhil Arora

Managing Director, GoDaddy India

Rajesh Dembla
It's a pleasure to be awarded with this prestigious title. It helps me with our shareholders and consumers. Extremely beneficial

— Rajesh Dembla

Serial Entrepreneur and CEO, Pacific Gaming

India's Inspirational Brands & Leaders

Leadership Interviews & Features

India's Inspirational Brands & Leaders

View Our Leadership and Entrepreneurship Features

At WCRCINT we have always strived hard to communicate each success story to the world. The Brand, Entrepreneurial and Leadership Spirit of the Nation drives growth. We celebrate growth.

V.R. Govindarajan, Perfios - India's Transformational Leader 2019

            V.R. Govindarajan, Perfios – India’s Transformational Leader 2019 Each stage requires different reaction/decision…

WCRCINT+ July 31, 2019

India's Transformational Leader 2019 - Bhaskar N Raju, Divyasree

India’s Transformational Leader 2019 – Bhaskar N Raju, Divyasree Interview: Bhaskar N Raju, Managing Director Divyasree Developers Years of working in…

WCRCINT+ July 31, 2019

Himanshu Bindal, Bindal Group - India's Transformational Leader 2019

            Himanshu Bindal, Bindal Group – India’s Transformational Leader 2019 Every day we are inundated with decisions,…

WCRCINT+ July 30, 2019

India's Transformational Leaders 2019 - Ganesh Somwanshi, Krescendo Communications

  India’s Transformational Leaders 2019 – Ganesh Somwanshi, Krescendo Communications Decision making is crucial to all dynamics that involved in…

WCRCINT+ July 30, 2019

Arvind Sonmale, SAFL - India's Transformational Leaders 2019

Arvind Sonmale, SAFL – India’s Transformational Leaders 2019           Years of dedication and integrity made Arvind Sonmale,…

WCRCINT+ July 30, 2019

India's Transformational Leaders 2019: Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, Astute Academy

          India’s Transformational Leaders 2019: Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, Astute Academy My vision is to make Astute Academy, World’s…

WCRCINT+ July 30, 2019
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Global Indian Excellence Summit home

India’s Inspirational Brands & Leaders: Global Indian Excellence Summit & Awards

The 5th Global Indian Excellence Summit 2019-2020 is a coveted Summit and Awards ceremony, proffering a savoir faire for strengthening partnerships between UK and India through business and leadership. The Summit aims to become a catalyst for change for business communities from the two countries and the governments alike. It is an initiative to recognize pioneers and promising achievers from reverent fields and will provide an unparalleled networking platform to super-cluster. Presented by WCRCINT +, the global leaders in awards and research.

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