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Asia’s Most Valuable Business Brands

Asia’s Most Valuable Business Brands 2019

Leading Brand Awards in Asia: 200 Brands from 12 Asian countries for Asia’s Most Valuable Brands. Presented by two of the leading brand equity research firms.

Brand Credibility at its best: Award for the Most Valuable Business Brands, give that extra edge to your brand.

Reach out with Pride: Coffee Table Book, Print Magazine, TV Episode featuring the Most Valuable Business Brands.

Being awarded and featured as the MOSTVALUABLEBUSINESSBRAND provides internet users worldwide with easy and immediate access to information on the brand’s positioning and status, in a highly prestigious and credible environment

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Our research methodology is undertaken keeping in mind the needs of the consumers and the value of the brand. The true value of a brand is based on both internal and external factors that influence the strength of a brand. Our methodology includes a deep consumer insight into the brand and an in-company audit to establish that the brand fulfils all conditions exemplifying a strong brand.



Values about what the brand stands for in terms of its unique proposition, consumer insights and people. Values about its beliefs, the ability to convince consumers in times of adversity and sharing a value connect with the consumers. The WCRC model of Brand Matrix identifies the value systems of a brand.


The commitment of the management towards the brand. How important is the specific brand inside the company and with the management also defines how much growth the brand is capable of. The WCRC Brand Wagon establishes the connect between the brand and its owners the right way.


Has the brand been protected the right way by its owners through copyrights, trademarks and other legal factors across all parameters? WCRC Brand Assist checks the severity of these factors while selecting a brand.


How responsive is the brand to react to market changes and how quickly it adapts to external determinants. WCRC BrandR checks the responsive factors of a brand to establish further credibility.

Business Brands Valuable Business Brands World's Leading Brands

Asia’s Most Valuable Business Brands

3rd edition: Asia’s Most Valuable Business Brands

The Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi

The differentiated concept for print, broadcast and digital media involving the most valuable brands of the year among consumers for Innovation, Aspiration, Admiration. The only brands credibility benchmark process, which concentrates on sales boost through BRANDSTUBE, a property of WCRCINT.

Brand trust and loyalty benchmarking via Research and Analysis by ibrands 360 in the most transparent format of online survey, online voting, primary and secondary surveys, validated comprehensively by checks and balances to reinforce precision and authenticity.

The Most Valuable Business Brands of the year is based on the broad parameters of brand value proposition, brand persona, prestige, brand reinvention, social conscience, marketing connect and ‘Cult Premium’ (propensity to influence consumer action), rendering it a greater wide-sweeping and multi-dimensional competitive advantage.

Extremely innovative concept across all presentation formats. The largest multi-platform brand project, showcasing the chosen brands in the grandest version of print, portal and broadcast media formats. Others are primarily single-medium.

Asia’s Most Valuable Business Brands defines the best in Asia.

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