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PROTON Malaysia

proton-logoProton is a premium Malaysian automobile manufacturer. The company, founded in 1983 and till 1993, Proton was the sole manufacturer of automobiles in Malaysia and till date is a company Malaysians take pride in. 2012 marked a new phase for PROTON. From a Government-Linked Company, the national car-maker is now a private entity following its takeover by DRB-HICOM Berhad.

In just four years of the company’s establishment, it had sold 50,000 units of the Proton Saga. The company also launched the Proton Saga 1.5l sedan and Aeroback model of the car. Soon, as a testament to its quality, Proton cars were not only being sold in Malaysia but also in Bangladesh, Brunei, New Zealand, Malta and Sri Lanka.

The company is most concerned about environmental problems and the crisis of environmental degradation. In order to play its part in the protection of the environment, it has started to develop electric and hybrid vehicles. The company regards this as a sensible step in the direction of managing carbon footprints. The employee benefits at PROTON were structured to acknowledge individual effort, stimulate new ideas, and encourage outstanding sales performance and last but not least, to promote teamwork and character building.proton-image

The Proton brand has many outstanding qualities which have one thing in common – they can be found in the company’s logo. The tiger in the Proton logo symbolises its strength as a company and emphasises the bold business strategies and management style of the company. The shield signifies its trustworthiness and solidity; the black colour implies the strength, confidence and determination of the company.
The colour silver denotes the technological progress and innovation of the company.

Proton has always been quick to adapt to new markets and situations and therefore regards innovation in the structure and products of a company to be vital to its growth and progress. The company has always been among the first to incorporate new and innovative technologies such as the ‘Spray-Guided Gasoline Direct Injection’ technology in its products.

Proton has always excelled in providing customers with quality automobiles. The company has succeeded in blending traditional Malaysian values with modern professional and ethical values. It has been helped in its quest for success by the innovations, determination and hard work of the employees. Proton represents a nation whose national car was made by a company that has always served the nation for many years and will keep on doing so.

Power Facts
ƒƒProton Saga 1.3 M was announced as the ‘Most fuel efficient car’ for small family car during the Asian Auto AmBank Fuel Efficiency Awards 2011
ƒƒWith the determination to capture international market, PROTON introduced the Proton Prevé dubbed as PROTON’s first global car in 2012.
ƒƒ In February 2013, the Prevé went on to achieve a 5 Star Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) Safety Rating, a historical first for PROTON

ƒƒIt was Tun Mahathir’s dream to accelerate Malaysia’s industrialisation capabilities to match those of developed nations with PROTON
ƒƒProgress towards in-house engine operations in 1989.
ƒƒ In 2000, unveiled its prototype CamPro engine at the Lotus factory in Norwich, United.
ƒƒIn 2009, PROTON Edar Sdn. Bhd. and Edaran Otomobil Nasional Berhad entered into a new Master Dealership

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