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WCRC conducted an in-depth research to list the India’s Most Promising Brands 2016, India’s talking-point brands which have shown tremendous promise and growth over the past few years and have been able to create a huge impact on the minds of consumers.

WCRC conducted a perception survey on “India’s Most Promising Brands”. The survey was initiated by generating a list of 750 brands from 15 categories, comprising more than 50 sub-categories which were shortlisted to 200 after a rigorous elimination process and further categorized as Automotive, Finance, Consumer Durables, Education, Energy & Power, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Services, IT & Telecom and Lifestyle. The survey was initiated by generating a list of brands under each category based on secondary research. Our research methodology is kept in mind the needs of the consumers and the value of the brand. True value of a brand is based on both internal and external factors that influence the strength of a brand. Our methodology includes a deep consumer insight about the brand and an in-company audit to establish that the brand does fulfil all conditions of a strong brand. Our consulting models are based on proprietary models that makes us understand brands and their needs better.

Each of the brands generated under the list were scrutinized by the research team of inrands360 at WCRC. Apart from the individual brand website, secondary research also involved studying existing listings/rankings, magazines and other sources. The research took into account the main parameters of Brand Awareness & Recall, Brand Image, Brand Promise, Brand Reach and Brand Sustainability & Innovation. The brands were contacted by the research team and apart from the secondary study, primary study was also conducted wherein brand audit questionnaires were filled by the respective brands to get better insights and also to verify the following parameters:
• The brand has to be in business for the last 3 years or more
• The company has an annual turnover of less than Rs 2000 crore per annum
• The brand which has registered over 15 per cent year-on-year growth

Brand Evok
A model to identify the inner qualities of a brand that can be positioned as a differentiation strategy. A tool to identify the right brand strengths. Each of the brands was scrutinized on its USP. The USP of the brands was taken into account to differentiate and eliminate it from its competitors offering similar services. The list of the top 750 brands were scrutinized based on the USP of the brands and a list of 200 brands was generated.

A tool to diagnose problems and find the right solution to terminate the downturn factors. Gap analysis of the brand- Promised deliverables vis-à-vis the final deliverables to its customers. Segregating the top brands which are delivering close to what is being promised.

Brand Box
A model that creates the ideas of innovations based on attributes and benefits a brand gives. Brand attributes and perceived customer benefits.

Brand Klik
A model determining the most cost effective and innovative methods of branding that ensure the right reach. Brand Reach to ensure maximum coverage and penetration of the brand.

For the final phase and elimination process wcrc brand innovation proprietary modal was incorporated:

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