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Simpolo Ceramics India

simpolo-logoUpholding diligence at all stages with the commitment to provide continuous innovations to satisfy market’s aesthetic demands, Simpolo Ceramics has been gaining goodwill among its stakeholders by living up to their aspirations.

Blaze to Brilliance
Simpolo Ceramics has had a very long journey in the industry and stands atop its contemporaries since the inception in the year 2003. It always managed to adapt to the changing needs with keeping an eye on future trends of ceramic industry.
It inspires creativity and has always surprised the market with matchless creations by pushing the horizons of innovativeness.

Faith factor
Simpolo believes in creating quality products through quality production setup.
Its research and development laboratory is the biggest in India in terms of sheer complexity and size. The R&D facility has the best setup for conducting rigorous testing on its products to meet international standards. The R&D facility provides immense benefits in terms of improved economies of scale, quick identification of product flaws, and quicker lead time to market with modified or new products.
The lab is well equipped with several testing instruments and apparatus managed with assured and comprehensive quality control.simpolo-image

Engagement That Enthralls
It claims to be known for being the ‘Industry 1st ‘ in putting world-class production facilities, and to launch large format polished Vitrified tiles. The Brand signifies quality, design and technical features which are close to and are similar to Italian Products.

The Company is committed to harness excellence by implementing strict quality control policy with the latest technology being incorporated in the manufacturing plant. The company has brought in the best production facilities from the world with a huge capacity and state-of-the-art machinery. The automated production line is supported by swift computers and latest technology. The technical staff is well experienced in diverse fields too. Simpolo claims to have India’s biggest production plant for 800 x 800 mm or 600x 600 mm tiles.
It has managed to innovate with the changing needs of the ceramic industry due to the willingness to enhance lifestyles and have introduced outdoor porcelain tiles with 16mm thickness for the first time in India. Product Design has played an important role in establishing it as a preferred brand.

Brand Promise
Simpolo Ceramics has earned valued relationship with its stakeholders by earning trust and providing uncompromising quality and process standards. Simpolo seeks to be the most preferred brand in the tile Industry, for consumers, builders and referrals and positioning the brand in the ‘High on Design- Good on Price’ space.

Power Facts
ƒƒThe brand signifies best in class product quality.
ƒƒSimpolo signifies innovative products with 16mm thick oudoor tiles in 60x60cms and 80x120cms.
ƒƒBeing known as ‘Industry 1st ‘ in putting world-class production facilities

ƒƒ2011: Launched large format polished vitrified tiles in 80x80cms
ƒƒ2012: Launched slabs of 80x120cms in polished vitrified tiles
ƒƒ2014:Power Brand and launched full body glazed virtified tiles.
ƒƒ2015:The brand crossed revenue of USD 100 Million

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