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KAFF is a pioneer company in providing some of the world’s most advanced appliances to make one’s kitchen experience a rewarding one. They provide revolutionary solutions by blending innovation, design, style and versatility.

The elegant cooker hoods (chimneys) by KAFF make one’s kitchen the healthiest room in the house. These hoods are designed to complement and blend with the kitchen decor and are fitted with a motor that comes with airflow capacities up to 1000 cubic meter per hour.

They have also paid a lot of emphasis to the suction capacity, noise level and the price factor. Their powerful suction motor removes all the smoke, grease, steam and smell from the cooking. The company offers 69 models of chimneys in the price range of Rs 4,500 – 110,000.

The cooker hoods are important so that one doesn’t have to worry about oily stains and the smell of last night’s dinner lingering in the kitchen. Cooker hoods effectively eliminates such problems by pulling smoke from all directions and ensuring non-greasy working surfaces and floors that requires little cleaning.

Cooker hoods are installed on top of the cooking range to quickly remove odours, heat and smoke from the kitchen. The hoods can be cleaned without any hassle.

Futuristic designs and advanced, ergonomic technology are a hallmark of the KAFF cooker hoods. They are equipped with special conveyor pressure die-cast aluminium (PDCA) motors. With a high suction capacity of aluminium/metallic motors, powerful motorised conveyor system and aluminium filter, what one gets is the most powerful air ventilation system every time one cooks.

KAFF Appliances India plans to expand its product range. The company, which has an array of products under four verticalskitchen appliances, modular kitchen accessories, ventilating fans and hardwares, has set up its modern facility in Neemrana in Rajasthan to manufacture cook tops. It has also set up a manufacturing facility for producing kitchen accessories in Sri Lanka.

The company has research and development facilities in India where the products are customised according to the needs and tastes of customers. The company is incorporating its own product know-how and producing and importing all the products from 40 vendors from Germany and Italy. KAFF believes that a healthy, clean and hygienic kitchen is the cornerstone of a healthy life. This is why they create kitchen appliances that possess attributes promoting health in the kitchen and also in the user’s life.

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