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The leader in integrated telecommunications services

A leader in innovation and technology, Starhub has become Singapore’s leader in the ‘hubbing’ sector of fully integrated telecommunications services. It is the provider of the latest in technology and the lowest in prices. Starhub was the one to come up with the concept of creating a brand name that specialised in ‘hubbing’ or providing its consumers with a diverse spectrum of telecommunication needs and at the same time providing with various services within each sector, be it mobile, cable, voice, data or multimedia solutions.

Key Features

1. Holds the No. 1 position in Singapore in terms of innovation in telecommunication industry
2. It began its journey with the launch of cable TV services and right now it operates in the 4G, the 3G and the 2G spectrum
3. It provides the country with services as diverse as mobile TV, 3G femtocell (calling from the home number through one’s cellphone) and Internet TV amongst others that make it a leader in innovation

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