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tasnee-logoEstablished in 1985, Tasnee, also known as The National Industrialisation Company of Saudi Arabia, is the second largest industrial company in Saudi Arabia and the first jointstock industrial company fully owned by the private sector in the country. It is also the second largest producer of titanium dioxide in the world. It is listed in the Saudi Stock Exchange Market with capital in excess of SAR 6 billion.

Tasnee was one of the leading private companies to invest in the petrochemical industry in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s and the sector has seen tremendous growth ever since. The company seeks growth through diversifying its product portfolio and today, it is one of the largest industrial companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, supported by high managerial and technological skills, positive indicators and a strong financial position that enable it to execute its plans for further growth through investments and strategic alliances to strengthen its position in the local and international markets.

Tasnee’s strategy of industrial diversification with a focus on the petrochemical industry has made it possible to generate growth across the entire value chain. Per capita consumption of plastics has increased significantly over the past 30 years and Tasnee has benefited from it. Saudi Arabia’s close proximity to the Asian market means that Tasnee profits from the high demand for petrochemical products there.tasnee-image

Tasnee contributes to social responsibilities programmes by allocating one per cent of its profit for supporting a number of charitable and humanitarian projects in different parts of the kingdom. In addition to its humanitarian role in supporting more than 200 charitable organisations since 2005, Tasnee sponsors small enterprises and participates in establishing business incubators as well as in other charitable work.

As part of Tasnee’s commitment to perpetual growth in its business, it established the National Industrialisation Product Research Applications and Support Centre (NIPRAS) in Jubail to support products and their new applications. The centre supports Tasnee’s regional and global market growth through product innovation, product design and development providing downstream customers, contractors and other stakeholders with technical training and keeping abreast in new product applications, process technology and new market trends.

The company started out in 1985 with a vision to diversify the country’s economic base and to make a contribution towards the future competitiveness of the Saudi economy.
Tasnee Marketing is responsible for the worldwide marketing and sales of their high-quality polyolefins and chemicals. They are dedicated to developing and promoting innovative solutions for their customers around the world. Asia is still booming, and as the second largest producer of petrochemical products in Saudi Arabia, Tasnee has the means and expertise to cultivate that boom.

Power Facts
ƒƒEstablished in 1985, Tasnee was the first joint-stock industrial company fully owned by the private sector in Saudi Arabia
ƒƒIt is the second largest industrial company in Saudi Arabia and the second largest producer of titanium dioxide in the world

ƒƒIt established NIPRAS in Jubailto support products and their new applications
ƒƒThe brand has grown to be the second largest industrial and petrochemical company and ranks among the top 100 Saudi companies.

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