Trusted CEO 2018: Sanjay Salunkhe, CEO, Jaro Education

Trusted CEO 2018: Sanjay Salunkhe, CEO, Jaro Education

Trusted CEO 2018: Sanjay Salunkhe, CEO, Jaro Education
Trusted CEO 2018: Sanjay Salunkhe, CEO, Jaro Education

The man changing the scope of higher education with his own lucid approach cannot be described in a few words. Sanjay Salunkhe, the CEO of Jaro Education, an entrepreneur and an educationist who works relentlessly to integrate Indian education with international standards.


Jaro Education offers multiple options in management and technology programs to working professionals – each of whose courses are facilitated online from reputed colleges and universities. He is amongst India’s Most Trusted CEOs of India who has steered the organization to great heights with his dynamism, strategy and the trust of the employees.

On creating a strong presence for your company over the years

Roller coaster starts with a straight path, continues with a lot of dangerous twists and turns but finally it reaches to a straight path again. My journey has been enriching and satisfying but I had my share of ups and downs as well. I have experienced loss in business, mortgaging house to pay salaries on time, valuation of staff service net, success in education & NBFC venture etc.

– I credit my success only to the support, dedication & commitment of my team members. 

Your devised strategy about educating people by slowly connecting the dots

To survive today’s cut throat competition one needs continuously update themselves and stay abreast with the changing market trends. I can proudly say that we are pioneers in online education industry as we have brought about a change in the conventional classroom education system to online mode of education.

– Outside of work I prefer to engage myself into CSR activities, training & grooming leaders.

Bringing about a change in the way people perceived education, your exceptional beliefs as a leader

Have clear Vision- A leader must have a very Clear Vision with a well define definite path of where your team is going and how they are going to get there. Execute strategy- A leader must create an executable strategy with solid benchmarks to achieve the desired results. Inspire trust- A leader needs to be very competent and hard working to inspire his team to trust him and work hard with him on the laid down path to achieve the results of common success of all. Coach Potential- Every leader needs to be a great coach to build the confidence within his team to play the game by the rules he sets and to believe that they will win. Leader needs to be a friend first so that his team can come to him with their problems knowing that they would be heard and listen to as a friend would, Philosopher with strong and solid principles of life and work that will inspire other to follow him and thus be a Guide to them


It guides students regarding the institutes they should opt for according to the management programs they choose. It believes in responding accurately to the needs of the industry and the student community. It has ties with both national and international universities. Jaro Education also ensures that the courses are made according to working professionals.

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