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ultratech-logoUltraTech is India’s largest manufacturer of grey cement, white cement and readymix concrete and one of the leading cement companies globally. With an installed capacity of 63 MTPA, of which 3.2 MTPA is from its overseas plants, UltraTech manufactures a wide variety of products ranging from Ordinary Portland Cement, Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement and Portland Pozzalana Cement to White Cement, Ready Mix Concrete and Building Products.

Blaze to Brilliance UltraTech has always focused on providing customers with the best products and services. This undying commitment to quality has resulted in UltraTech winning awards in diverse areas such as quality, care for the environment, safety, finance and corporate social responsibility. Some of the coveted recognitions include the Dun & Bradstreet Rolta Corporate Award in 2014/15, the CIDC Award for Best Professionally Managed Company (Large Category) in 2014, the Gold Certificate of Merit at the IMEA Awards by The Economic Times in 2013, The Economic Times India Manufacturing Excellence Award given by Frost & Sullivan to Vikram Cement Works in 2014, the National Award for Excellence in Energy Management given to the Aditya Cement Works by CII in 2014, the Asian CSR Award and Gold given by the GreenTech Foundation to Gujarat Cement Works in 2012. Yet another validation of UltraTech’s high standards of excellence is the company’s inclusion in the Nifty Index – a list of the top 50 listed companies – of the National Stock Exchange. The listing reaffirms the commitments made by the brand towards its stakeholders in line with the core values of the brand.ultratech-image

Faith Factor As its tagline, The Engineer’s Choice, suggests, UltraTech is truly one of the cement brands most trusted by engineers. However, UltraTech is not just about large-scale projects; it also plays a vital role in individuals building their dream homes in rural and semi-urban India. It helps them with technical advice and solutions on good construction practices, provides all primary construction material under one roof and even a mobile concrete lab to assure them of quality during construction. A majority of UltraTech’s stateof- the-art manufacturing units are accredited with the highest quality standards and certifications such as ISO 9001 for quality systems, ISO 14001 for environmental management systems and OHSAS 18001 for occupational hazard and safety management systems. The organization’s focus on Green technologies and safety systems has resulted in numerous awards and recognitions including the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award, the Rajiv Gandhi Environment Award for Clean Technology and the Greentech Safety Award.

Engagement that Enthralls Cement has the power to translate human creativity into reality. When architects and engineers dream buildings and their bold strokes revolutionise building designs it is cement – the artist – that gives them real shape and permanency. Build Beautiful – UltraTech’s new campaign – is a tribute to human ingenuity and a compliment to people who live in these stunning structures made possible by cement.

Innovedge With the massive shortages in housing and the need to rapidly industrialise, the coming years are expected to record a huge growth in demand for cement. UltraTech’s goal is to scale its capacity to 74 MTPA by 2016 so that it can ensure that this outstanding brand is readily available to everyone who desires top quality. One of the things it has done to achieve this was to acquire Jaypee Cement’s integrated plant at Sewagram and the grinding unit at Wanakbori in Gujarat increasing its capacity by 4.80 MTPA. The two plants are the 12thintegrated unit and 12thgrinding unit respectively for UltraTech Cement in India.

Brand Promise UltraTech is and has always been “The Engineer’s choice”. With its current campaign, it acknowledges the aspiration of engineers to Build Beautiful. When an engineer builds, he builds structures that last and every structure is his style statement, an everlasting testament to his expertise. With Build Beautiful, UltraTech urges engineers to make every building a tribute to creativity, an enabler of dreams and ambitions. The UltraTech brand that has always been at the forefront in India’s growth story, and is now supporting the country’s new metamorphosis into the beautiful nation she strives to be.

Power Facts ƒUltraTech embodies the inherited core values of its parent organisation, the Aditya Birla Group – one of India’s most respected and trusted corporate entities. The brand emerges as an energetic and eclectic mix of modernity, quality and technological superiority ƒƒIts imagery, strengthened by the engineer in the yellow helmet, reinforces the aura of knowledge and specialisation. UltraTech connects with its consumers on an emotional level by providing the assurance that comes from associating with a knowledgeable expert ƒƒApart from strength and durability India’s youth also desires homes that make an aesthetic statement. Riding on this prevalent emotion, UltraTech Cement is positioned as the trusted brand for those who want to build beautiful. It combines the best of both worlds offering durability and beauty in design.

PROMISE BEACON ƒƒWith a 20% market share in grey cement in India, every fifth house in India is made of UltraTech Cement ƒƒUltraTech is part of the 24-member global Cement Sustainability Initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development ƒƒ30% of UltraTech’s water requirement is met through rain water harvesting and 15% through recycled water

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