Upholding the #1 Tradition of Purity!

ashokIn India, spices are a part of life and heritage. To make the manual grinding process easier Ashok Griha Udyog Kendra visualized the concept of ready-to-use ground spices. Starting with manually ground spices, the brand switched over to automatic machines to meet the fast growing demand for spices.

Blaze to brilliance Late Bhagwati Prasad Gupta, along with his brother Sri Kishori Lal Gupta founded Ashok Griha Udyog Kendra, on December 14, 1957. Ashok Griha Udyog Kendra was started with the idea of supporting the national movement for self sufficiency; it soon grew into a fully fledged business venture through the quality of its products. Today Ashok Griha Udyog Kendra has grown into a diversified group, promoting brands that are known for their superior quality and purity.

Faith Factor Tradition has it, that Indians have always preferred purity above everything. The guiding mission of the brand lies in its purity. Since its inception the brand has successfully worked towards the same mission, to serve its customers with pure and high quality spices. As it is said that quality speaks for itself, Ashok Masale was branded No. 1 in Quality in a recent survey conducted by IMRB & CMIE jointly.

Engagement that Enthralls Ashok Masale the Indian spices brand of repute has been delighting its customer with variety spices since its inception. They procure only garden-fresh whole spices from the place of their origin. This practice of procuring whole spices from the place of origin has ensured the purity and top grade quality. Every process from procurement of excellent whole spices to processing and packaging-everything is state of the art.ashok

Innovedge The brand decided to produce masalas with absolute quality and to deliver it to customers on a very affordable price. So, as a matter of policy, the brand never bought its raw materials from the market. Rather, it discovered highly selective source to collect only garden-fresh whole spices from the place of their origin. Then the balanced formula of blending/mixing of whole spices in appropriate ratio to give the ultimate taste and thus the hesitant consumer could slowly feel the real taste of pure original masalas.

Brand promise For more than 50 years, Ashok masale has shaped the preference for branded spice in a country where home-made blends were the norm since time immemorial. Over the years, the brand has also been accredited by ISO certificates and has won many prestigious awards for serving its customers pure and high quality products.

Power facts 1. 1957: Laid foundation of Ashok Masale in butter paper packs of 50/100gms. 2. 1962: Launched India’s 1st 5 gram pouch packets of sabji masala. 3. 1965: Sales crossed over 1 million INR. 4. 1982: Celebrated brand’s Silver Jubilee. 5. 1984: Imported fully automatic pouch packing machine from Japan to meet the local demands. 6. 2007: Golden Jubilee.

Promise Beacon 1. 8 Categories and over 69+ products in the market. 2. Ashok Masale was rated No. 1 in quality in India in a joint survey conducted by I.M.R.B. & C.M.I.E.

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