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WCRC Testimonials: What Clients Say About WCRC

I am extremely pleased with the association I have with WCRC. Abhimanyu and i have shared a great professional relationship and in the context of brands, it's wonderful to learn the way WCRC is taking Indian brands globally and promoting them.

— Priti Patel

Leading British MP

Kareena Kapoor Khan
I congratulate WCRC Media, WCRC for this book and its efforts acknowledging Indian brands and leaders. Today, India is a highly creative, efficient and passionate resource pool with a unique and unrivalled understanding of the marketplace, discerning consumers, brands and the landscape. I congratulate these upcoming leaders and brands in their mission to excel and reach the heights of success.I am honored to have been awarded “Pride of India” as “The Most Admired Actor 2016”.

— Kareena Kapoor Khan

Indian Actress

It's a pleasure attending the WCRC Conclave in London. I am truly honoured receiving the title of India's Iconic Brand by WCRC

— Shankar Narayanan

CEO, TCS, Europe

Fantastic to be attending such a huge event attended by such prolific guests. We are honoured to be receiving this award from WCRC

— John Owen

CEO, Masteq

I am deeply honoured to be awarded “Pride of India – Excellence in the field of entertainment”. I would like to thank
Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh and his team at WCRC Media for this recognition. It is humbling and so encouraging to be acknowledged like this”

— Zoya Akhtar

Film Director and Producer

It's a great honour to be awarded as 'India's Most Trusted CEO' by WCRC.

— Tarun Rai

CEO, South Asia, JWT

“I thank WCRC and Mr Ghosh for recognizing the lifesaving work of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India by honoring me with the “Pride of India- Excellence in the Field of Social Work ” award. PETA India operates under
the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment, while educating policymakers and the public about animal abuse and promoting an understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect. Through your appreciating our good work, more people will learn about PETA India and how they too can help animals, and thereby help us expand our work. Thank you once again, for helping us, and helping animals in this way”.

— Poorva Joshipura


On Friday 25th January I was guest of honour at the spectacular brands event held inLondon.

The whole event was awe inspiring from beginning to end. More importantly, it showcased the vital role that successful brands play in the world's economy.

The customer is merely the fulcrum of the business and everything from production to after sales service all adapt to and converge on the business value proposition that is projected to the customer. All of this is represented by the brand.

More than anything else, this event proved beyond doubt the crucial role that the famous brands play in creating shareholder value . More than this, however, when clouds are dark, great brands shine brightly and bring much pleasure into our lives ``

— Prof. Malcolm McDonald

Global Marketing Legend and author of 50 books

I am glad to be associated with WCRC. I congratulate Abhimanyu Ghosh and his entire team at WCRC to have this ability to take Indian Brands globally and promote them with such dignity. Its a matter of pride to learn that Indian brands are spreading their wings world-wide and WCRC enables them to be heard in such a differentiated manner.

Everything WCRC does is World-Class standard. From the publication, research, editorial and a world-class event WCRC stands for excellence at all levels

— Lord Swraj Paul

Global Industrialist and Chairman, Caparo

“For all of us at Prerana, an award is not just an acknowledgement of what we do but more importantly it is an amplification of it. The work that we do – protecting rights, creating choices and safeguarding the dignity of women and children in red light areas is an issue that is marginalized. People prefer to deal with it in silences, avoiding glances and by wishing it away, when the opposite is what is needed. This award is a statement that the issue will not be ignored and I congratulate WCRC and Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh for taking this step. We thank you for carrying our voices in front of a large audience and for kick starting what one hopes will be one more vital conversation around protecting some of the most vulnerable women and children in the city.
This award is dedicated in name of all the mothers in red light areas across Mumbai. They have been the fire and spirit behind the fight for rights and dignity, and continue to be so. They are the clay that have moulded beautiful, intelligent and sensitive children in one of the worst places in the city. They have been Prerana( inspiration) for over 30 years and all our achievements including this award belongs to them”

— Priti Patkar

Philanthropist, Founder Prerana

It's truly an honour being associated with WCRC and its members. I am fascinated with the way everytime they handle their events. It's truly great to learn how Indian brands are growing and turning their economy into one of the best in the world. WCRC's ability to springboard Indian brands into global levels is unparalleled. It's truly an honours to be awarded by WCRC.

— Lord Karan Bilimoria

Founder Cobra and British MP

I would like to thank WCRC for this honour. Padmaavat is an extremely special film for me and i truly appreciate the efforts of WCRC

— Ranveer Singh

Indian Film Actor

My association with WCRC has been nothing short of excellent. They are the best in their business. Their research is of supreme quality. Their selection of brands speak about them as the highest quality media firm. They bring incredible quality everytime. I am greatly impressed by the series of work Indian brands are doing and it feels proud to see them grow. Its overwhelming to see WCRC's tireless efforts of promoting Indian brands and business leaders globally. I am highly impressed by what WCRC and Abhimanyu Ghosh bring to the table.

— Lord Raj Loomba

Global Industrialist, Philanthropist and British Parliamentarian

It's a great honour to be attending such a massive event of Asia's Most Promising Brands in Dubai. I am really glad to learn about the research taken by WCRC across Asia to evaluate the Most Promising Brands across the continent

— BR Shetty

Global Industrialist

“It is an honor, to be awarded “Pride of India – Excellence in Real Estate Industry”.
Real estate is not just about square feet of constructed space, but is the community of residents that together, make four walls and a ceiling into a home. Similarly, Sustainable Development is all about being eco-friendly, coupled with intelligent usage of natural resources.The Hiranandani Group prides itself on being the first to come up with integrated townships in India which are eco-friendly; and intelligent usage of natural resources is part of the success story.When we look at creation of an integrated township – or, mixed – use township, as we refer to the same in present day – it ia always about making sustainable buildings, with a holistic approach. It is not just about building townships. We ensure that the quality of life of people who live in them gets enhanced. Being ‘Green’ and environment-friendly is part of this vision.I would also take this opportunity to commend Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues on this initiative which bears testimony to their eminence in business and branding.

— Niranjan Hiranandani

Indian Industrialist

Kabir Bedi
“I am deeply honoured to receive this award for Pride of India’s Excellence in the field of Entertainment for “The Most Versatile Legendary Actor 2016″.
It feels great to have my whole body of work acknowledged. My career has certainly been versatile spanning 3 continents in three mediums of film, television and theatre. I came from theatre, entered the Indian film industry, ventured to Europe and became a star. It was the kind of success that actors dream of and I’ve been privileged to have experienced that.The Indian entertainment is vibrant and strong as ever. Cinema has given India all its popular music, united us with its universal messages and given joy to so many of us over the years. Bollywood today is a world-wide brand, and I’m proud to call it my home, even though I act all over the world. I wish to congratulate Mr Abhimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues for their efforts and thank them for this award.”

— Kabir Bedi

Indian Film Actor

Farhan Akhtar
I am honored to have been awarded “Pride of India – Excellence in Entertainment Industry” as “The Most Impactful Actor 2016″. Revelling in the wealth of experience, the
entertainment industry with years of creativity, sweat, ambition and investment has ingrained innovation and passion. The conventional strong footing of the Entertainment Industry in the last few years has been immense and will be striving to provide an even stronger footing for the Asian economy, worldwide. I felicitate these upcoming leaders of Asia in their mission to excel and reach the heights of success.
I also congratulate Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues on this initiative and for organising the Summit which bears testimony to their eminence in business branding”.

— Farhan Akhtar

Indian Film Actor, Director and Producer

I am deeply honoured to be receiving the WCRC Award for Hichki. It's a film very special to me and I truly appreciate the honour.

— Rani Mukerji

Indian Film Actress

I wish to thank Mr Abhimanyu Ghosh for his efforts in recognising India’s leaders in different branches of endeavour. The Icons of India Award by WCRC is a fine way of recognising persons who have contributed in diverse fields of business, entertainment, sports and social activities. It is this type of encouragement which allows those chosen to excel further in their various area of speciality. I congratulate WCRC for a commendable job and wish them all success”.

— KN Suntook

Chairman, NCPA

“I am honoured to receive this award “Pride of India (Maharashtra) Special Contribution to the Field of Education. This award is a recognition of my efforts to promote gender equity through research, teaching and community development initiatives. I dedicate the award to the Research Centre for Women’s Studies, SNDT Women’s University. This Centre, which has shaped my work, has pioneered women’s studies into the University system to create a model of education that combines academic rigor with action for change. As I congratulate the other awardees for their pursuit of excellence in their respective fields, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Abhimanyu Ghosh and his colleagues for this excellent initiative. It is a reflection of WCRC’s eminence in business and branding”.

— Veena Poonacha

Educationist/ philanthropist

Asia’s Most Promising is a unique platform where some of the best of minds in the business will converge and discuss brands that have enormous potential to be the super powers of tomorrow. We are happy to be associated with the esteemed Asia’s Most Promising, which will also give us an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.”

— Nilesh Bhatnagar


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