WCRCINT Most Valuable Brand: Rayban, THE AVIATORS’ CHOICE

WCRCINT Most Valuable Brand: Rayban, THE AVIATORS’ CHOICE

Ray-Ban is a brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses founded in 1937 by American company Bausch & Lomb. The brand is best known for their Wayfarer and Aviator style of sunglasses. The Luxottica Group owns the brand.

MVB Reviews lifestyle Official Twitter,  Pintrest Facebook, BLAZE TO BRILLIANCE In 1929, US Army Air Corps Lieutenant General John MacCready asked Bausch & Lomb, a Rochester, New York-based medical equipment manufacturer, to create aviation sunglasses that would reduce the headaches and nausea experienced by pilots, which are caused by the intense blue and white hues of the sky and thus, a new kind of glasses were introduced. The prototype, created in 1936 and known as ‘Anti-Glare’, had plastic frames and green lenses that could cut out the glare without obscuring vision. The sunglasses were remodeled with a metal frame the following year and rebranded as the ‘Ray-Ban Aviator’. On May 7, 1937, Bausch & Lomb took out the patent, and the Aviator was born. Ray-Ban sunglasses are available in various styles for men, women, girls, and boys. Among these, Ray- Ban’s line of aviators is most popular. The brand has been credited for being the original designer for this style of sunglasses. WCRCINT Most Valuable Brand: Rayban, THE AVIATORS’ CHOICEENGAGEMENT THAT ENTHRALS In the 90s, Ray-Ban came out with a series of sleek looking designs: Predators, Inertia, Prophecy, Gatsby, Sidestreet and Cutters. In 2007, the company introduced a new campaign that aimed to make the brand more refreshing and compelling, especially towards younger people. ‘Never Hide’  was its name; and it aimed to express the Ray-Ban ideology: “Sunglasses that place you at the centre of attention beyond trends, transcending time and strongly customising whoever wears them.” INNOVEDGE Nearly all sunglasses come with basic UV protection feature. Sunglasses with gradient lens feature a dark top lens and lighter bottom lens. This makes them the preferred choice for use when driving, texting, or reading when outdoors. Polarised lenses provide clear, glarefree vision by deflecting sunlight and thus diminishing glare. BRAND EQUITY Ray-Ban has been designing and manufacturing sunglasses that are trendy yet functional. Today, Ray-Ban sunglasses have achieved an iconic status and are designed to suit every style and complement any face shape. POWER FACTS 1. Founded in 1937 by American company Bausch & Lomb 2. 1952 – Ray-Ban created another classic style, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer 3. 2007 – Ray-Ban’s “Never Hide” campaign was launched
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