UTKARSH INDIA delivers world class products at competitive prices, on demand as well as provides superior service to customers by developing leading-edge solutions in technology and processes, providing opportunities for inclusive growth for our employees, by nurturing human resources, so that all our partners can share the pride of success. With passion for Perfection and Innovation and a continuous employee growth Utkarsh India is making a real difference in the world

  Brand strengths and global presence   The brand is not only making a significant impact in India, but is present across several countries strengthening its competencies and visibility.  Countries the brand is present in are Germany, Australia , Canada, Denmark, Iraq, Kuwait, Martinique, Mozambique, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Reunion Island, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Western Europe. The core strengths of the Utkarsh India are
  • The only PVC manufacturer in the eastern region with a fully-automated plant which uses silo systems, allowing maintenance of consistency in quality, with minimal error in the production process.
  • The use of only prime and imported raw material from Japan and Korea to establish product quality on a sustainable basis. In CPVC pipes, they are one of the handful manufacturers in India using NSF-approved Japanese resin to manufacture pipes and fittings to maintain quality.
  • Camera scanning software is used on product line to maintain product size and characteristics as per specification and reducing any human error.
  The brand marketing strategies that have effectively penetrated consumers’ psyche are Catering to B2B consumers, their target audience comprises of the purchase-decision influencers – dealers, distributors and plumbers. Their relationship marketing strategies  foster customer loyalty through  strong sales force, large incentives and monetary benefit schemes, strong after-sales service to ensure reliability and issue resolution, plumber meets and dealer meets for engagement and motivation, thereby augmenting the goodwill of the company and paving the way for one of the largest distribution networks for PVC in Bengal. Owing to changes in market trends and increased customer involvement, a 360º marketing approach has been opted for, to increase brand visibility and top-of-mind recall.   Key leadership values that drives the brand  
  • A compelling, positive vision with clear goals
  • Communication – The right stuff at the right time
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
  • Never compromise with the Quality (with respect to Product, Service and Customer Satisfaction)
  • Believes in ‘Servant Leadership’ [Responsive to the front line staffs who actually interact with the customers]
  • Profitability: A consistent track record of growth in revenue and earnings
  • Leads with an Open-Mind policy
  Employee satisfaction and training Training and Development is an integral part of UTKARSH’s culture. Behavioural, Functional and Technical Training are given equal importance for enhancing staff’s skills with respect to their job role. A training calendar is followed for the financial year involving staff hierarchically.   A Brand Culture that is driven by Values to support and reduce environmental hazards  
  • Against Air pollution: All furnaces, and process generating fume / vapour, waste flue gas are being sucked by ID fan with scrubber and thereafter discharge through chimney to the atmosphere. The parameter are monitoring through control data & test result. The effective hood suction speed are maintaining by changing the speed of the system. Planation done to avail free air. Roof Top Turbo ventilator air maintaining the assigned number of air change to control the level of the same.
  • Against Water pollution : All process water are treated as required and effluent discharge from system first neutralized with de-hydrated lime, then it is aerated and oxidized to radish colour, flocculent dosed and transfer to the sedimentation chamber. The top up liquid pass through filter press which separated out the suspended sludge and collected in sludge bed – ultimately sludge stored area. The dried sludge handed over to WBPCB authorized agent to process the same on his own. The filtrate pass through the RO system membrane to separate out the high TDS liquid and low TDS liquid. The low TDS liquid reused as process liquid in closed cycle manner. The high TDS liquid dried up in electrical heater and the residue salt to transfer in sludge storage area. Only the make water required to add on the process.
  • Against Solid Waste: The solid waste generated during neutralizing is being treated as sludge as described in the water pollution heading and controlled as well as handed over to WBPCB authorized agent to handle the same. The plantation program is being done to develop green belt area to balance environment.
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