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WCRCINT Best Brands: Wonder Cement: Asia’s Most Promising Brand, Cement, India

WCRCINT Best Brands: Wonder Cement: Asia’s Most Promising Brand, Cement, India

Wonder Cement is a brand that stands for quality and consistency and thrives to provide the best quality cement using best  resources possible.

Tagline: Ek Perfect Shuruaat

The brand proposition:

Wonder Cement is committed to provide the best quality cement using the best resources possible. With the best technological support, Wonder Cement has established state of the art manufacturing unit in Nimbaheda, in technical collaboration with ThyssenKrupp and Pfeiffer Ltd. of Germany. The plant is fully automated with the best technology that modern times offer. Wonder Cement would continue to be associate with quality methods at the manufacturing end. The brand has invested in robotic arm technology for quality assurance, and is committed towards best quality products and services. It stands for quality and consistency and thrives to improve it at every step along the way.


The Topmost Competing Brands of Wonder Cement in India

     Ultratech cement, Shree cement, JK Lakhshmi, Ambuja cement, Birla cement 

Wonder Cement, Asia's Most Promising Brands

Wonder Cement, Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2018, Cement

The consumer perception of your brand

   Wonder Cement is known for its advanced technology and is one of the favourable brand among customers in terms of quality assuarance .

  Branding and marketing activities has been undertaken to enhance the visibility, recall and acceptability of the brand?

       Wonder Cement has undertaken 2 major campaigns to promote the brand, i.e., ‘Swach jal Sabka Haq’ and ‘Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav 2017’.

a) ‘Swach Jal Sabka Haq’ – a campaign where 52 vans were deployed to run across 46 cities in 4 states, i.e., Rajasthan, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra for 30 days which served 10 lakh liters of pure and cold drinking water to people.i.e., pedestrians, workers, children etc.during the hottest month of the year. Vans are parked at famous and acquainted sites for two and a half hours at every chosen location. Around 40 lakh people were benefited from the campaign.

b) ‘Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav 2017’ is world’s largest Consumer Engagement Campaign involving cricket, organised across the 3 mega states of India viz. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat. It is a high energy 7 players 7 overs tournament which provides a ground for the people of remote areas of our states to up come on the field, show their talents and make their cricket dreams a reality.

With a total cash prize of Rs 40 lakhs awarded to the winning teams across the entire tournament from tehsil level to the finals, more than 48,000 people participated & 10,000 people were involved in the execution of the 2 months event.

The campaign was promoted with roadshows conducted across 375 Tehsils, 15 days TV campaign,12 days Radio campaign, 800 hoardings, 2 lakh posters, 5 lakh leaflets, 4000 banners, 375 arc gates at 375 registration centres across the 3 states. More than 200 media houses covered the event with a total of 640 print stories & 112 digital stories reaching more than 9 crore people across the country.

In addition to the two major campaigns, others campaigns  include-

c) ‘Influencors on Wheels’ is a unique initiative by Wonder Cement where bus is dedicated to carry its influencers like masons, contractors etc. to visit Wonder Cement’s plant situated at Nimbahera, Chittorgarh.

The entire journey aims at explaining in detail to our influencers about the Company, products and our ideal construction practises. By doing so we  aim at achieving loyalty of our influencers towards the brand.  On similar lines influencers will also be taken from other parts of Rajasthan to some famous landmarks of the state. The bus journey has been mapped out to take approximately 9 months to cover the complete area of Rajasthan region.

d) ‘Dhoom Dhoom Wonder’-  is a year long campaign for our retailers, wherein each day a lucky draw is organised and one retailer won a bike voucher worth 50,000 from Wonder Cement.

e) ‘Deep Utsav’ –  this special campaign was organised to reward the sterling efforts of the retailers and thus, motivating them to sell more. The campaign was held between the 9th and 18th of October in which lucky draws were organised for retailers and basis their sales, gold and silver coins were distributed.


Production – Wonder Cement’s production capacity has increased from 3.25 MTPA to 6.75 MTPA and has plans to further expand the current capacity to 10 million tonnes by setting up a third production line for which land and layout is ready.

Market expansion – Wonder Cement has expanded its markets to regions of  Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh during the last three years along with Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh.

Brand awareness – Through various campaigns and integrated use of communication tools, the brand awareness has reached over 9 crore people this year.

Distribution Network – by growing  an extensive network of dealers, Wonder Cement has earned a place in the premium segment of the market.

     After its inception in 2012 with 3.25 MTPA production catering to the niche markets of Rajasthan, Wonder Cement has increased its capasity to 6.75 MTPA expanding its markets to include Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh along with Rajasthan today. It has plans to further expand its current capacity to 10 million tonnes by setting up a third production line for which lands and layout is ready.

      Through various innovations and campaigns and an integrated use of communication tools like digital marketing, public relations, electronic and print advertising, creating outdoor sites with the use of hoardings, banners, arcgates etc., Wonder cement has invested a lot of efforts and resources in building the brand. It is a brand that stands for quality and consistency and has focussed on reinforcing that awareness through extensive use of Digital Marketing, one of the most effective tool in today’s world. 

Along with it, building relations with their dealers and consumers, considering their growth, retailers and masons and motivating them through reward programmes like ‘Sparsh’, ‘Influencors on wheels’, ‘Saathi’ etc. they have made wonder cement a favourite brand among the influencers.

Chairman: Ashok Patni

Ashok Patni, Wonder Cement

Ashok Patni, Chairman, Wonder Cement



















CEO: Mr. Vivek Patni 

Vivek Patni, Director, Wonder Cement

Vivek Patni, Director, Wonder Cement

Current Marketing Activities of the Brand:

Retail presence3,000 dealers and 6,000 retailers

TVC2 yearly campaigns  (Hindi GEC, Hindi & English Business and News Channels)

Outdoor1200 hoardings for 4 months

Print  200+ media house cover the campaigns; 8,97,97,150 people reached

Social media/Digital marketingsocial media pages – facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, youtube, website, community engagement, SEO, SEM, google display banners and mobile app.

Company Website: WONDER CEMENT





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Step 1 In-Company Audit Questionnaires

Phase 3 shall be initiated based on the list generated in phase 2. All the brands shortlisted in phase 2 shall be sent the In-company Audit Questionnaires (brand strength as per defined Consumer Parameters such as trust, impact, growth, innovation, brand promise; In-company Audit Parameters of values, commitment, IPR, responsiveness according to company marketing head/leader) a structured questionnaire  to be filled by the respective brands/organizations. The questionnaires shall be filled and stamped by the representatives of the company to ensure complete authenticity.

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FINAL PHASE & LISTING OF THE TOP 200 BRANDS- The final phase of the research would comprise of the analysis of the In-company audit questionnaires and the analysis of the online responses based on the weight-ages given above by the ibrands 360 research team.


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