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Zuvius Lifesciences

brando meterProfit, bottom line, annual turnover: these are the terms that are usually bandied about when it comes to describing a brand’s growth story. The story of Zuvius Lifesciences, however, is defined in more compelling terms: sheer grit, the zeal to innovate and create products that stand out for their top-notch quality, and complete commitment to all stakeholders.

Blaze to Brilliance
Right from when they set out on their journey over a decade ago, the Directors Mr NimishThakkar, Mrs Alka Chavan and Mr Shailesh Shetty were sure that their vision would not be clouded by merely running after numbers. This is perhaps one of the crucial factors that have led to Zuvius Lifesciences becoming one of the most promising pharmaceutical brands in India today. A couple of years into its inception, Zuvius got another feather in its cap when notable research scientist Dr Ulhas Ganu became part of the core team.
Faith Factor
Zuvius’s stated mission of ‘Redefining Health, Rediscovering Life’ is born out of this understanding of a patient’s psyche, and a yearning to spread happiness among the distraught. For an average person, a disease like cancer, for instance, has only one word associated with it, ‘fatal’. Zuvius works in tandem with doctors and the medical sector to ensure that cancer statistics do not continue to remain as grim as they are now. Their focus is not only on developing world-class drugs in oncology and chemotherapy but also in ensuring that avenues of early diagnosis are available. Besides, with its extensive CSR initiatives Zuvius also ensures that the underprivileged too get access to quality cancer treatment that may be out of their reach otherwise.

1. Zuvius focuses on super specialty medicines and has over 90 products in its oncology portfolio.
2. Zuvius has strategic tie-ups in Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia.
1. The story of Zuvius Lifesciences is not one that is contained in the annals of business alone; it is a story that has reached out and touched lives, and continues to do so with every step of its progress.

Engagement that Enthralls
Started with the vision of spreading good health across the globe, Zuvius focuses on super specialty medicines and has over 90+ products in its anti cancer portfolio. The impeccable research and the superlative quality standards being adhered to in manufacturing, sets these products apart. While most of Zuvius’s current portfolio of drugs belongs to the oncology segment, the company is exploring other super-specialty segments as well. One area of focus currently is nutraceuticals; here, too, the brand intends to step away from the run-ofthe- mill products in the market, and offer products that are perhaps first of its kind in India, products that add definite value to the life of the end consumer.
Nowhere is this constant need to innovate more evident than in Zuvius’s investment in the most modern technologies in R&D and manufacturing. The company’s manufacturing facilities, which make anti-cancer tablets, capsules and injections as well as biosimilars, are WHO-GMP certified. Technical Director Dr Ulhas Ganu ensures that every crucial quality parameter is adhered to even as new treatment options and products are being formulated.
Brand Promise
The renewed focus on nutraceuticals evolved as a supportive therapeutic measure for the company’s oncology portfolio. Zuvius realised the need to offer nutritional supplements for patients considerably affected by the powerful drugs to revitalise their mind and body. Even as it grows at a rapid pace, building itself up as a brand to reckon with in the process, Zuvius has not lost sight of its core values of ethics, honesty and trust. The company is also making strides globally to ensure that those in need have ready access to highquality, life-changing products.

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