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JBCN International School

jbcnJBCNAt JBCN International School, academic excellence and co-curricular development are two sides of the same coin – where one cannot exist without the other. JBCN International School embodies the inspirational vision of its founder, Mrs Pinky Dalal, a passionate educationist who believes that each child can achieve and excel if given the right platform. Her educational philosophy, evolved over thirty years of work in the educational arena, sees learning as an EduCreative process that nurtures each child’s unique set of talents, strengths and skills through a balanced Mind Body Soul programme of academic experience, artistic exploration, sports education and social awareness.

JBCN believes that in today’s globalizing world, it is important that the learners become aware and compassionate citizens, which is why it inculcates values of compassion from early days through JBCN Care, Aware, and Heal initiatives. The academic philosophy has been formed over years of experience. To put it simply, it would be ‘learning for understanding’ and ensuring holistic learning. The conceptual basis of all the efforts at JBCN International is learning for deeper understanding. Through its dynamic teaching methodologies which combine thematic and interdisciplinary approaches, every learner becomes an active participant in the learning process. Simply put, this approach introduces the learner to a “big conceptual idea” through an interdisciplinary theme that connects all learning to a ‘big picture’ that facilitates deeper understanding. Learning is continuous and links different subjects. JBCN’s programme has been planned to develop higher order thinking skills that go beyond rote learning and acquisition of information. The learners will develop an ability to analyse and synthesise, to evaluate and interpret information, so that they can meaningfully apply it to a variety of problem-solving situations in real life.

Being an educational institute, its core competency is the academic programme and the unique way in which its faculty is able to engage the learners. While its pre primary follows the CIE framework, it has introduced aspects of thematic learning and inquiry based thinking to ensure that the programme truly allows inquirers and thinkers to develop. As they grow older, the brand allows them to focus on academia but also give them time to explore other aspects of their personality. JBCN has a strong leadership team in place who may not have the answers to everything but have the confidence to recrujbcnit the right people. The brand pride it selves on being able to retain faculty and coordinators by giving them opportunities for personal growth, whether through professional development or by taking on different roles. The culture aims to create a sense of harmony and community to groom leaders as well.

1. JBCN has a strong leadership team who have a passion for education and bring with them an innate internationalism
2. Unique Mind Body Soul Programme, which is reflected in its daily curriculum.
1. JBCN through their education philosophy and unique EduCreative programme creates life long learners who can confidently take their place in a global world.
2. JBCN gives their learners a platform to explore and excel at academics as well as co-curricular activities through international tie-ups, infrastructure facilities and dedicated time embedded in their school day
3. JBCN aims to instill compassion for the world around us through their outreach programmes

JBCN’s programme focuses on developing the mind, body and soul of every learner in order to create a life-long love for learning. JBCN’s learning experiences, while remaining rooted in Indian values, will enable them to become successful leaders and effective communicators who can adapt effortlessly to a culturally diverse and ever-changing world. JBCN, also believes in holistic education. Therefore, it has introduced an EduCreative Programme which ensures that learners are exposed to a programme that will develop mind, body and soul. In today’s global environment it is important to give learners the opportunity to develop their whole person and not just concentrate on one aspect. As a school for the future, it believes its children will be prepared to face our ever changing world.

Over the past 30 years, its founder and the team have been committed to a culture of excellence, which has been transmitted across both JBCN’s pre-schools and high schools. It is committed to the parents and the children that graduate from the schools, and the members of the board being young parents themselves, understand the needs of today’s generation of parents and children. JBCN, has been instrumental in setting up the first IBDP programme in South Mumbai, the first IB School in South Mumbai as well as a school for students with learning disabilities. It is the brand’s passion to constantly innovate and bring international best practices to its schools.

JBCN aims to create tomorrow’s leaders who strive for academic excellence by acquiring knowledge through EduCreative experiences, and in the process, evolve into lifelong learners with a sense of conviction and commitment. It aspires to create responsible citizens who have an understanding of global issues and work for the betterment of the world community. The mission of the school is to nurture inquiring young minds through unique and stimulating teaching approaches that incorporate the best of national and international curricula.

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