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A household name worldwide, Tetley is a British beverage manufacturer. It is world’s second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea. Tetley’s manufacturing and distribution business is spread across 40 countries and sells over 60 branded tea bags. It is the largest tea company in the United Kingdom and Canada and the second largest in the United States by volume. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages.

Tetley, that came to India more than a decade ago, straddles a wide range of tea varieties. The black tea is carefully handpicked from the gardens of Assam to ensure the customers get the best tea. Green tea gives a dose of freshness to relax and rejuvenate with natural antioxidants. The flavour or the masala tea tastes perfect and can also be gifted.

Other products available overseas include Tetley Blend of Both, Tetley Vitamin C and Chai Latte. Tetley Blend of Both was developed for consumers in the UK who want the health benefits of green tea, but prefer the taste of black tea. A combination of the two, it tastes like a standard cup of black tea and yet contains the goodness of green tea. Tetley with Vitamin C, available in Poland is an innovative and tasty tea proposition with the additional benefit of Vitamin C. A unique offering in the premium fruit flavoured segment, this black based tea product contains additional ingredients that are a natural source of Vitamin C, such as lemon, honey, ginger, black chokeberry, elderberry and are traditionally added to tea by consumers.

The Tetley Group was bought by India’s Tata Group in February 2000 for £271 million. It was one of the largest overseas acquisitions by an Indian company at that time. Chai Latte leverages the consumer trends of health and wellness as well as indulgence. Consumers were seeking pre-portioned indulgent, but guilt-free treats. Options were available but within hot beverages the leading segment was coffee sachets. There was an opportunity to create a product to provide consumers with a tea based treat that was indulgent yet healthy. Chai Latte is a tea based drink, with a frothy creamy indulgent taste. It is 99 per cent fat-free and packed in convenient single serve sachets. A key differentiator is the use of real spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger while its competitors use flavourings.

Tetley was the first to introduce flavoured teas. They took the responsibility of spreading the fact that tea is naturally rich in antioxidants and it ensures that one stays healthy. Tetley tea is now loved and preferred by a wide consumer base, including the higher end consumers and commercial entities such as The Taj Hotels, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Barista, Radhakrishna Hospitality, Essar Group, Wipro, L’Oreal, Leelavati Hospitals, Orchid Hotels and Sky Gourmet Catering among others.

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