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At WCRCINT+, we live by ‘Your Brand is the Business’. Hence we strive hard to make that happen. For our clients, the solutions that we provide make it the Brand is the Business. For us as the company, our client’s success makes our business. We are the leaders in Brand Insights. At WCRCINT, our ethics, commitment and
single-minded focus towards our client’s needs are of utmost importance. Our global brand properties have been the benchmark of excellence in the industry. We are happy to be emulated constantly. Because we know only the leader is followed.

WCRC 2019 Awards & Festivals

home Transformational Brands WCRCINT

India’s 50 Transformational Brands: Best Brands that are shaping India’s glorious future

50 Brands & Business Leaders that are Transforming India's Glorious Future. Product: Research Based Coffee Table Book and Online Feature for Global Distribution promoting all selected brands. Prime Delivery:…
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Asia's Most Promising Brands home

Asia’s Most Promising Brands, 2019

The 6th edition of Asia's biggest brand awards and research. Asia's Most Promising Brands has awarded more than 1500 brands from 21 different Asian countries in the last 4 editions.The biggest multi-platform…
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home World's Leading Brands

World’s Leading Brands: Zurich, 2019: The Leap Conclave

WLB FESTIVAL. World's Leading Brands is a Brand Award and Festival for the brands that are really spreading headlines in their region and deemed to be the best globally. Our teams are up to date with the…
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home Our Media WCRCLEADERS

WCRCLEADERS : Read Exclusive Stories from the world

India's Best Focused Feature Media on leadership. A media for Leaders of today and tomorrow. Exclusive Interview based Reports. We are CRAFTED FOR PERFECTION
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The Best Practices in the industry

Suhail Sameer, CEO, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group (FMCG): Fastest Growing Leader 2019

Suhail Sameer, CEO, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group (FMCG): Fastest Growing Leader 2019   Overall, I have just more than 12 years of experience in the industry across…

WCRCINT+ July 9, 2019

India’s Inspirational Leader: Swetha Manthena, Samashti International School

Chosen as India's Inspirational Leader for schools, Shweta Manthena of Samashti International School is building a massive legacy of world-class education with a…

WCRCINT+ April 23, 2019


WCRC INSPIRATIONAL LEADERS: KARTIK ANAND, XDBS CORPORATION India’s Inspirational Leaders 2019-2019: Kartik Anand, XDBS Corporation, leads a highly innovative…

WCRCINT+ April 23, 2019

WCRC India's Inspirational Leader 2018-2019: Manoj Kumar Jain, Managing Director, Shriram Life Insurance 

WCRC India’s Inspirational Leader 2018-2019: Manoj Kumar Jain, Managing Director, Shriram Life Insurance  Shriram Life Insurance Company is a part of Chennai…

WCRCINT+ April 22, 2019

Sankey Prasad: India's Inspirational Leader 2018-2019

Sankey Prasad: India’s Inspirational Leader 2018-2019 In Conversation with Sankey Prasad, Founder Chairman and Managing Director at SYNERGY PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT…

WCRCINT+ April 22, 2019

Vikram Kumar, LETSTRACK: WCRC Inspirational Leaders 2018-2019

About LETSTRACK: Headed by Vikram Kumar, Letstrack is a global real time instant messaging and tracking app for smart phones, tracking devices and browsers. The…

WCRCINT+ April 16, 2019
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