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WCRCINT lives by the core values ‘Your Brand is the Business’. Hence it strives hard to make that happen. WCRCINT is a global leading firm in Research, Brand Positioning, Brand, Workplace & Leadership Awards and Niche Publications. It has the leading number of Brand Intellectual Properties.

WCRCINT Group has helped brands and leaders reach a diverse, global audience – entrepreneurs, brands, business leaders, business managers, celebrities, the fashionistas, the affluent elite, generation X, generation Y, generation Z, the desired and the inspirational. Hence we always say our two punchlines that have becomes famous globally. ‘Your Brand is the Business’ and ‘Leadership is Business’.

Step into the prestigious WCRCINT Global Business Conclave 2024, where we celebrate the remarkable achievements of the World’s Leading Brands and Leaders. Held in the historic setting of the House of Lords in London, this video brings you exclusive highlights from the event, insightful interviews, and thought-provoking speeches from the forefront of global business innovation. 📍 Location: House of Lords, London


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From humble beginnings as a one-woman operation to an internationally acclaimed executive search firm,...

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Sakshath Technologies: Empowering Businesses with Innovative IT Solutions

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Pioneering Accessible Healthcare: The LifeCare Hospitals Journey

LifeCare Hospitals, a pioneering multi-specialty hospital network, has embarked on an ambitious mission to...

wcrcint June 10, 2024

We give brands the confidence to creating iconic brand positioning

The best brands today create a community for themselves. Its far beyond just running a brand show. It creates great culture, positioning that creates lifetime of impressions and work on company culture that is irreplaceable. We create that for brands.


wcrcint world's most promising brands




The WCRCINT World & Asia’s Most Promising Brands and Leaders: Pioneering Innovation and Inspiring Success 

In recent years, the World and Asia has witnessed a remarkable surge in the emergence of innovative brands and visionary leaders. These trailblazers have not only disrupted traditional industries but have also set new benchmarks for excellence and sustainability. From technology and e-commerce to fashion and healthcare, Asia’s best emerging brands and leaders are reshaping the business landscape and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. In this editorial, we will explore some of these remarkable brands and leaders who are driving change and making a significant impact in their respective industries.

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