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Brand of The Year 2018: Embassy Property Developments

Brand of The Year 2018: Embassy Property Developments

The Pioneering Endeavours and setting benchmarks in offering Integrated Global Luxury and Lifestyle spaces beyond customer centricity and enriching lives.

Category: Ultra-Luxury Residential Development & Services

Country: India

Promoter/Director: Jitu Virwani

Company Vision: To create wealth through innovation, passion and joy, making it the most admired, respected and aspired-for brand in real estate

Company Mission:   We are in the business of enhancing lives by redefining life spaces, adding tangible value and generating sustainable development.

Company Philosophy: Building Relationships, Enhancing Lives

Ethos Of The Brand: People-centric, Relationship focused, Business sense, Responsible, Integrity

Total Number of Employees In The Company: 450+

Year of Establishment Of The Brand:  1993

5 most critical success factors of the brand in order of importance and kindly elaborate the same: 


  • We have consistently seen things ahead of time and that’s why Embassy is a pioneer in creating future ready real estate spaces.
  • Customer Centric – Be accessible to each customer including the Top Management’s personal involvement in each customer’s journey and experience, prompt in our responses, dedicated Relationship Manager for sales & post sales engagement, Establishment of Embassy Priority – A program designed to continually offer enhanced life experience to our customers, Introduction of Asset Management & In-house interior solution.
  • Innovation & Design sense
  • Business sense and code of conduct: We are focused on family values, committed to honouring our word, always delivering on promise.
  • Demeanour – Our presentation is upmarket, classy, sophisticated, without being pretentious or exaggerated. We are there for the long haul, driven by endurance and perseverance.

What is the brand philosophy?

  • Business sense and code of conduct
  • Enriching Lives
  • Redefining Life Spaces
  • Build relationships
  • Performance
  • Honour our commitment
  • Be transparent
  • Follow honest business practices, be accountable and responsible

How does your brand create value for consumers?

  • Design and Style
  • High Lifestyle, Luxury Quotient that connect well with our consumers emotionally and monetarily 
  • Our value proposition (product and services) offer a harmony of perfection and craftsmanship.
  • Elevated customer experience, desirability beyond compare
  • Stunning, sustainable and ageless building created by global architects
  • Exclusive access and privileges – Residents are entitled to benefits in numerous ways
  • Membership to Quintessentially concierge services and Embassy Priority – brand loyalty prgram, dedicated lifestyle managers, are some of the established programs

What is the most significant achievement of your brand in the last financial year?

BLVD Club - Members Only Luxury Private Club

BLVD Club – Members Only Luxury Private Club

  • Launched Embassy ONE – Home to India’s 2nd Four Seasons Private Residences. Pioneering and bringing in world class super luxury integrated development
  • Launch of BLVD Club at Embassy Boulevard, Bangalore’s first members-only luxury club spread over 1,00,000 sq. ft. with state of the art facilities
  • Alexa enabled Smart Homes at Embassy Springs
  • Embassy group sold the most luxurious home commanding the highest premium – single Unit of Four Seasons Private Residences at Embassy ONE Bengaluru sold for Rs. 50 Crores

What is the perception of your brand in the mind of your consumer?

  • Embassy is synonym to Luxe, Luxury, Class, Commitment, High-quality & Well-crafted, Elegant and Exclusive, Trustworthy, A master stroke for high value & high returns
  • The Track2Realty BrandXReport 2017-18, a comprehensive pan-India brand perception audit, ranks Embassy No. 4 in the country for Super Luxury space, No.1 in the office space segment and hospitality, as well as the No. 1 ‘Employer’ and No.2 in CSR.

Which is the most important factor in creating brand connect with customers?

Design and product offering integrated with building relationships – long term ties with our customers.

What are future plans of the brand? How have these been formulated keeping points of parity and disparity with similar enterprises as reference?

With no direct competition in Bangalore, Embassy will continue to sustain and elevate its Luxury & Lifestyle product line that adds richness, depth and appeal to our customers. One of our upcoming project is going be the most Ultra-Luxury Residential developments in South India.

What are the core values that drive the brand?

Redefining Life Space

Create value and wealth to our stakeholders

Enhancing lives

What according to you is the impact that the brand has created in the minds of the consumers?

Not brick n motor anymore – pioneers in the setting trends in Luxury & Lifestyle space.

Consumers know global luxury and lifestyle is available and can demand more as Embassy has set the benchmark in creating global luxury spaces.

What are the new innovations incorporated to create a better customer experience?

Digital innovation on customer interface – personalized login to each home buyers to view the status on their unit in a portal.

Launched Embassy Edge at Embassy SpringsIndia’s first Alexa enabled smart homes

Launch of 3D booking engine for a hassle free home buying experience.

AI based interface for enhanced customer engagement

Embassy Boulevard - Ultra Luxury Villas

Embassy Boulevard – Ultra Luxury VillasThee 018

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