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Chander Agarwal, Managing Director TCI EXPRESS

Chander Agarwal, Managing Director TCI EXPRESS: India’s Inspirational Leader 2019

Chander Agarwal, TCI EXPRESS: India’s Inspirational Leaders 2019

Chander Agarwal, Managing Director, TCI Express is a third generation entrepreneur who has  been inspired by his father, the Chairman of TCIEXPRESS to guide the business to the top position in the country. Success factored by discipline, innovation and great governance.

Yearoworking in the industryyour contributioreflects versatilitanvolubilityWhahas influenceyour decisiomaking procesat varioustages?

More than 20 years in business that begun from  Transfreight USA, a 3rd-party logistics provider specialized in lean logistics and primarily served Toyota Motor Vehicles to TCIEXPRESS, India’s fastest growing Express Distribution company as the Managing Director with the responsibility of expanding the organization’s footprint in the country and globally by steering the conceptualization and execution of key strategies related to management and operational needs of the company. Within a short span of 3 years, TCIEXPRESS increased the delivery and pick up locations upto 40,000 and company branches till 680 within India and end of the financial year 2018 Increased Market capitalization to almost INR 30 Billion.


A projecoan accomplishmenthayou consider tbthmost significant in your career?


Establishing TCIEXPRESS from TCI-XPS and making It, India’s Number 1 Express Delivery Company. TCIExpress (then called TCI XPS) started operations in 1996, as the express division of Transport Corporation of India. In 2016 TCI XPS demerged from Transport Corporation of India Limited and become TCIEXPRESS an independent company listed to NSE and BSE. Establishing TCIEXPRESS and gaining investors and stakeholders faith was a big challenge. Started from scratch TCIEXPRESS managed to clock INR 30 billion market capitalization with more than 20% revenue growth rate yoy.


How do you integrate corporatphilanthropor corporatsociaresponsibilitas a paroyour businesstrategies?


TCIExpress believes that CSR needs to go beyond communities and the concept of philanthropy. Our main focus is to create higher standards of sustainability factoring social and environmental impacts for the greater good of people. We want to bring lasting and sustainable development by interventions in areas of education & vocational training, health & disability, women & child development, environment and other emerging needs of society. TCIEXPRESS to serve the nation with a motto of equality and better life for all citizens.


Whahabeen your drivinforce ophilosophy in life?

Every lock has a key and every problem a solution. Leaders don’t do the right things, they do things right. That’s a biggest driving force or philosophy in life. Invention and Innovation are critically important and the right permutations bring out the best outcomes.


Whaarthother philanthropic works yoare involved in?

TCIEXPRESS involve in HIV/AIDS Control, TB Free India, Artificial Limbs and HIV/AIDS Controls in Health-care. I am personally a sport lover and believe Sports effective way of channeling the energy of youth for productive and meaningful purpose. TCIEXPRESS recognizes sport as a means to promote education, health, development and peace and decided to establish ‘Urmila Sports Academy’ at NangalBari (famously known as Bhorugram) District Churu, Rajasthan. 


How do you define succesanhow do yomeasurutyour own definition?

For me success is key to satisfaction and happiness. By developing my talent to make positive impact in our business, industry, society and humanity as a whole with love determination is success. Ware constantlmakinthings better, faster, smarter or less expensiveIother words, wstrivto do morwith less. 

A recenprojecosolutioto a problem thayohavmade better, faster, smarter or less expensive?

Technology Implementation and making logistics system transparent was a big challenge in Indian Logistics Industry. I emulated and innovated on global best practices to transform logistics practices with the help of Modern Information technologies. We as a team introduced and streamlined structure, Processes, systems based on these technologies in the company to setting high benchmarks for the growth of the company and provide the best services to the customers.  

 Iyour opiniowhaithmost significant aspecof leadership?

 Empathy and vision are key to being a good leader. Intuitively, a leader always creates other for succession. The critical ingredient for this of course comes from putting your team first and this is what I always say “People first”. When they believe in you, the will always trust you to give the right directions while they follow your lead and work towards achieving the unachievable.


 Onthinyowistchanganonthinyowistretain abouyour industry?

About 95% of the logistics industry comes into the unorganized sphere. There is competition from the organized as well as the unorganized sector for better service level and to bring Indian Logistics industry as per global standard we want a speedy transition from Unorganized to organized sector. The Humanitarian approach of Indian logistics sector we want to retain. 


Whom do yoowyour succesto?

I am a third generation entrepreneur and have always been inspired by my Father, The Chairman of TCIEXPRESS. He has been my guiding light. Coming from a business family it was my imperative that I first learnt the ropes of the business before steering from the top. Certainly my Father has special contribution towards my success.  

 Besthinabouyour job?

 Working together with my team members in team spirit, creating job opportunities for the society, and wealth for shareholders

A messagfroyotalthfuture entrepreneurs/leaders?

 One must work hard in ethical and sustainable matter. We should always think long term and not go for short term immediate gains. One should be respectful and down to earth in nature 


TCI XPS was established in 1996 as one of the foremost divisions of Transport Corporation of India (TCI), India’s most admired logistics company.


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