editorial-mainI am delighted super excited to bring out the 3rd gold edition of India’s most loved brand intellectual property India’s Most Promising Brands. It’s a great pride for us to announce to our loyal readers and subscribers that WCRC Leaders Asia has been selected as the Best MultiNational Magazine in the 16th MFI awards. We are just three years old and no wonder we strive many times harder than all others to establish our positions. We have continually done that with differentiated content, design and other factors that have held its grounds with readers everywhere. I wrote ‘loved’ because, away from the snooty value of only writing about the topmost brands who are already over-exposed, India’s Most Promising Brands talk about the challengers, disruptors and innovators who are changing India’s future. Its loved because these are the brands who are fighting all odds to challenge the best. Hence in return not just increasing their grip in the market but also pushing the market leaders to be more innovative. All smiles and all brilliant as long as the competitive brilliance of the brand jungle and warfare makes the Indian consumers happy. For us at WCRC, its far more exciting than all other projects. The research effort is far more focused and so are all the other efforts. But the end result makes up for everything. Because India’s Most Promising Brands talk about brands who are real heroes. Brands who are showing constant promise and brands who are disrupting everyone and pushing them to be more innovative and consumer centric. Also in this 3rd gold edition of India’s Most Promising Brands we have rated all brands shortlisted for final rounds of research. The ratings have been put as fairly as we could with the implementation of the WCRC Brand Matrix.The selection of these 50 brands have been done scientifically using various research techniques that World Consulting & Research Corporation is known for. Some of the skill-sets used for the research of India’s Most Promising Brands 2016 include primary interviews with the brands and then creating a skill-set scoresheet that authenticates the process as superiorly as possible. We have also introduced the BRAND O METER, which is quite easy and exciting to look and read.
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