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lama-logoNever was the world of unveiling new cultures eyed with such ease and approachability. A little less than two decades back, the world was becoming a global village but only for the financially-able.
Mr. Kulwant Singh’s walk-in transformed lives. Lama Group, launched in 1997, sought to enable masses for global travel.

Managing over 200 events in Dubai itself, and having over 100 others who seek sponsorship to establish association, LamaGroup is by and large accepted as more of an Events company world-wide than just a Travelcompany.
Started as a sole carrier of this dream, today Lama Group has 500+ people involved in keepingthe dream alive and real. Catering to diversified interests on this date the company boasts of asumptuous infrastructure of three desert safari camps, a cruise business, a fleet of buses, cars and stretch limos, as well as two Dubai hotels —Seven Sands and Arabian Sands.

In a bid to grow traffic from India, last year LamaTours started the first charter flight service fromIndia to Dubai. The IndiGo aircraft, dubbed the ‘Lama Flight’, landed in Dubai on 11 August, 2012 from Delhi carrying 167 passengers. The second flight had flown in September and since then; there have been constants flights during the busy season into Dubai.lama-image

A fond relation that Lama Group shares with its copacetic customer-base does not come as a surprise to anyone since their efforts to engage with audience from its nascent stage has been given utmost attention. Lama Tours was ahead of the curve when it came to capturing the burgeoning Indian market and now brings in around 70% of Indian tourists to Dubai, with 150,000 guests every year.

“The ‘Lama Kiosks’ – an in-house invention for Lama Group – which involved an investmentof around $1.5 – $1.8 million, print out tickets on the spot after customers’ swipe their creditcards, and can be spotted around various mallsin Dubai. The concept was received with great enthusiasm, especially in Russia. Another milestone in innovative concepts was the “Make my Holiday” intervention The idea was simple enough – serve coffee! These consultants who serve coffee were not actually their office boys or cleaning boys or cafeteria girls.
These were actually consultants who give you coffee and sell you a holiday

The promise is to touch lives! A brand that ensured transformation of various facets in a person’s life – gifting him the basic amenityand bringing down a “luxury-for-affluent” to come within the reach of anyone who has the wanderlust. Lama Group has done what our world desperately needed – a change in perspective. If there is one name people can count on for making a 3 day voyage, more orless, into a memory for an eternity – Lama Grouphas turned out as “irreplaceable”.

Power Facts
ƒƒManaged over 200 events in Dubai itself, and had over 100 others who seek sponsorship to establish association.
ƒƒThe company boasts of a sumptuous infrastructure of three desert safaricamps (two of them in Dubai’sConservation Zone), a cruise business,a fleet of buses, cars and stretch limos,as well as two Dubai hotels —SevenSands and Arabian Sands.

ƒLama Group has diversified its interests into desert safari camps, cruise business, fleet of buses, cars and stretch limos.
ƒƒOpened two new hotels- Seven Sands and Arabian Sands.
ƒƒLama Tours opens new offices in Russia, China, and across the GCC

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