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Borosil Glass Works Ltd (BGWL) is the market leader for laboratory glassware and microwavable kitchenware in India. It was established in 1962 in collaboration with Corning Glass Works USA. In 1988, Corning divested its share holding to the current Indian promoters.

It manufactures products required for various industries such as scientific and industrial glassware for items required in general lab usage, general consumer ware such as microwavable utensils, wide range of applications- general purpose lantern chimneys for petromax lanterns, well glasses, safety lamp used for lighting purposes etc. Borosil’s microwavable kitchenware has simplified the lives of generations of Indian housewives. The company’s recent foray into the solar sector is yet another example of the commitment and passion for making products that positively impact lives.

The products manufactured by the company are synonymous with elegance, dependability, safety and ease of use. In the kitchenware segment in India, Borosil is a generic term for microwavable glassware. The Borosil brand embodies over 50 years of dependability and durability. Their commitment to quality drives them to perfection. Continuous innovation, coupled with a keen understanding of consumer needs, makes them the leading speciality glassware company in India. The microwavable range is made of 100 per cent borosilicate glass, so that one can be sure that there are no nasty chemicals lurking in the food items. And since one can heat all microwavable utensils up to 350 Degree Celcius, the consumers can cook, serve, store and reheat in the same utensil.

The Borosil Consumer Products division sells microwavable and flameproof kitchenware and glass tumblers through over 5,000 retail outlets. The Borosil brand represents quality, accuracy and dependability. The glass used by Borosil has found use in over 2,000 different products and applications in areas as diverse as microbiology, biotechnology, photo printing, process systems and lighting. The Scientific and Industrial Products (SIP) division at Borosil sells laboratory glassware, instruments, disposable plastics, liquid handling systems and explosion proof lighting glassware through its network of 150 dealers spread across the length and breadth of the country.

The products by Borosil are used in all major research centres and pharmaceutical laboratories for cutting edge experiments which help develop life saving drugs. Their laboratory ware is also used by the prestigious Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and other nuclear and defence research institutes where accuracy is of paramount importance.

Gujarat Borosil Ltd (GBL) is the first and only manufacturer of solar glass in India. It has established a 150 tonnes per day low iron patterned glass furnace for the manufacture of high transmission glass used in the solar industry. Customers of this product include leading solar module manufacturing companies worldwide. This plant is the first and only of its kind in India.

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