The flagship company of the Adhunik group, Adhunik Metaliks Limited (AML), has set up an integrated steel plant of 0.45 million tonne at Sundergarh, Orissa, with state-ofthe- art technology. It has emerged as one of the fastest growing alloy, special and construction steel manufacturing companies in the country with significant presence in the mining and power sectors through its subsidiaries. The company wants to contribute towards the development of the country by delivering superior quality products to the consumers. Over the years, the company has shown robust financial growth with consistent profit making. Within a very short span of time, the products of the company have been recognised by major automobile component manufacturing companies. The company caters to diversified sectors including automobiles, telecom, power, railways, engineering, oil and gas and construction. Adhunik Group manufactures a wide variety of steel, including automobile steel, ball bearing steel, spring steel, carbon heading steel, cold heading steel, shape steel, free cutting steel and stainless steel. The grades being manufactured are 20MnCr5, SAE4140, 16MnCr5, 8620 and 8622. The carbon heading steel, that is, high quality carbon steel has better mechanical and processing performance than many other varieties of steel. This steel has good superficial and internal quality, fine and uniform austenitic grain size, good impact toughness, lower gas content and good response to heat treatment. The cold heading steel is used to make high tensile fasteners and safety equipment, electronic goods, automotive components and heavy machinery. Shape steel is mainly manufactured in large and middle specification, composite sectional and various special mechanical shapes while the free cutting steel has its unique chemistry and high inherent machinability. Stainless steel is a value added engineering product with high corrosion resistant properties, primarily due to the presence of a minimum of 10.5 per cent chromium. This chromium combines with oxygen to form a chrome oxide surface layer that prevents further oxidation and rusting of the surface. The company believes in the principles of sustainable development and structured process of stakeholder engagement for incorporation of their views and valuable inputs to ensure inclusive growth. Adhunik group is committed to social well-being of the people living on the peripheries of the social set up. The group, in pursuit of the corporate social responsibility (CSR), is driving development projects addressing the needs of the population related to health, education, livelihood and capacity building in 106 villages across five different states of India.

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