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sunalphaSunAlpha Energy is an India-focused solar power projects development company, specializing in solar Rooftop and Open Access solutions via private power purchase agreements (PPA). The company invests and constructs solar photovoltaic plants at no upfront capital expenditure from the power consumers. By converting solar from a product to a service, where the consumer pays for the power consumed instead of the panels itself, SunAlpha is helping industries, corporates, universities, hospitals and institutions save significantly on their energy costs by helping themadopt solar at no upfront investment and no risk.

Since assembling a solar plant is capital intensive, power consumers’ benefit by adopting a pay-as-you-consume PPA model by paying lesser for every unit of electricity compared to utility tariffs. The long term PPA’s help in reducing grid dependency by generating captive power and also serve as a hedge against future utility tariff hikes, ensuring a long-term energy solution without locking-in large upfront capital. The consumers have the flexibilibity to either have a solar plant constructed on a vacant rooftop area at the point of consumption or opt for a larger quantum of energy supplied via wheeling under Open Access.The solar plants are built for life using tier-1 material and world class engineering ensuring longevity and predictable energy supply.


1. 24X7 hotline for clients – ensuring immediate action against any client grievances.
2. The solar plants built uses tier-1 material and world class engineering.
1. SunAlpha is engaging Industries, Businesses and Institutions like hospitals & colleges across major states in India to provide zero-capex PPA solutions
2. SunAlpha Energy is poised for a hockey-stick growth within the industry by scaling thesolar portfolio of operating assets up to 500 MWp in the next 3 years.

SunAlpha uses sophisticated design tools to maximize solar generation yield at every project site; bears the entire cost of solar system installation and operations; secures all permits along with requisite documentation; procures the best-inclass equipments and builds the plant under stringent safety guidelines following world-class operational best practices. The power purchase agreements include comprehensive Operations and Maintenance services to ensure desired plant performance by undertaking cleaning, repair, replacements, troubleshooting, and claims at no additional cost. The company also deploys dedicated account managers for remote plant monitoring using SCADA at a centralized station and a 24X7 hotline for clients – ensuring immediate action against any client grievances.

SunAlpha Energy’s mission is to provide the best in class solar power plants that provide sustainable and consistent energy to the customers through relentless financiasunalphal, technological and business innovation. By partnering with SunAlpha Energy, a typical industrial consumer would save 25-40% on the per-unit cost of electricity without incurring the upfront capex, leading to significant cost savings over the life of the PPA. By directly impacting a business’ bottom-line, SunAlpha is not only making solar viable but a very attractive business proposition. The Company is engaging industries, commercial establishments and educational institutions in Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, AP, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka – where most consumers can procure solar power via PPA at tariffs cheaper than utility grid tariffs.

Solar PPA is the easiest, hassle-free way to enjoy full benefits of solar without paying for the system cost. SunAlpha offers a complete package of concept-to-delivery by undertaking energy assessment, system finance, design and drafting, project development, operations and maintenance and energy monitoring.

On the heels of establishing itself as one of the leaders in the rooftop solar leasing space in India, SunAlpha Energy is poised for a hockey-stick growth by scaling their portfolio of operating solar assets up to 500 MWp in the next 3 years. With a focus on building the right technology for customer acquisition, process automation, project technical feasibility studies and standardization of engineering solution helping wider outreach, SunAlpha Energy is poised to play the key enabler of market creation to make the Indian solar dream come true.

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