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K.S. Balakrishna Setty: Inspiring India’s rituals with incense

K.S. Balakrishna Setty: Inspiring India’s rituals with incense

Selected as India’s Inspirational Leaders 2020 by WCRCLEADERS ASIA, K.S Balakrishna Setty is inspiring India’s rituals with Satya Incense.

What led to the Inspiration Journey

I have been in this Industry from 1985 continuously. Observing my father’s ability to communicate his Ideas to his Managers, Workers, I have been imbibing his qualities & they have helped me from time to time influencing my decisions at various stages. In 1992, when I concocted my own Perfume, my late Father wanted me to name it “SUPERHIT”. This fragrant handmade incense sticks has become one of the biggest Export Brands next only to my Father’s original “NAGCHAMPA”.

K.S. Balakrishna Setty

K.S. Balakrishna Setty

Your viewpoints on Corporate Social Responsibility

I am a great admirer of ‘CHANAKYA’ & I have read ‘CHANAKYA NEETHI’ many times over. Corporate social responsibility has stemmed from the observations of CHANAKYA, who clearly stated that whenever we earn something from the society as a businessman, it is our primary duty to give back something significant to the same society.

Your Inspiration

From simple as the Bhagavad Gita says “Work is Worship”

As an Industry that involves number of products obtained from the forests, my Company purchases raw materials from Forest Tribal Co-operative Societies in the State. Frequent visits are also made to the Tribal Colonies, Hutments to make arrangements for the following primary facilities – Primary Health check-ups including Dental check-up, Eye check-up, distribution of Note books, reading & writing materials to the children. Acting as a go-between between the Tribal & the State Government.

Your Beliefs

I believe strongly that success is what success does. Of late, when I noticed that we were spending more & more on Industry based Raw materials for manufacturing of our handmade Incense Sticks which are 100% exported to the markets in the world, we had also realized that certain products collected & stored by Tribals which are basically called minor forest produce in their multipurpose society were more reliable less expensive & organic, we started purchasing those products to be used in manufacturing.

Leadership Ethos

To lead from the front & to be an example to my people is the most significant aspect of leadership.

How do you empower the society?

In these days the common talk is about Women Empowerment. In my Industry 95% of the workers are ladies & I have 3 generations of ladies working in my Industry & my workers are proud to be economical independent & contribute to their individual families. This is my own small contribution to the Empowerment to the Society.

K.S. Balakrishna Setty

Your viewpoints on the industry

I want the Handmade Incense Sticks from my Country to become one of the biggest exporters which requires adherence to quality & customer satisfaction.

Your biggest Takeaways

As a Leader & an entrepreneur I would like to let go trivial jealousy shown by my rivals and not be taken to heart. I owe it to my late father who has been an inspiration and guide to me and my workers including the Managerial, supporting staff, etc, Gives me immense satisfaction to help my Workers, my Staff, my Family, my State & my Country.

Leadership Lessons for Others

As I have done in my life, draw lessons from the Bhagavad Gita to be a good successful leader  and always think of the 3 aspects Duty, Honour & Country.

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