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Frooti, a product of Parle Agro – the largest Indian food and beverage company – can be spotted in every little and big general store in India. The yellow bottle available in various sizes quenches the craving for a bite of the delicious mango fruit. With exports to over 35 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Mozambique etc., Frooti is India’s favourite ready-to-serve mango drink.

Launched in 1984, Frooti still holds a dominant position in the ı3 billion tetra pack fruit juice (TFJ) market. Players like Godrej (Jumpin), Kissan and others tried their luck in this market but failed to dislodge Frooti. The drink contains mango pulp, water, sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acid, salts and approved colours and flavours.

Back in the days when people stood at stores drinking beverages from glass bottles, Frooti came in a Tetra Pak, offering consumers the option to carry their drink along. Fruit juice is a perishable product and tetra packs have extended the shelf life of Frooti because tetra packs have various layers of paper and a plastic coating that ensures an enhanced shelf life for the product inside.

Over the years, Frooti became synonymous with India’s favourite fruit – mango. Frooti is also the first ever fruit drink in India to be packaged in PET bottles. It is currently endorsed by Shah Rukh Khan in India. The product is perceived as a healthy fruit drink by mothers. Within a short span of time, the brand is seen as an alternative to “unhealthy” colas.

Frooti over these years has carved out a niche for itself in the market. Frooti has been the pioneer in the fruit drinks segment and today enjoys a marketshare of 85 per cent and 33 per cent respectively in the Tetra Pak and PET categories. Maintaining high quality, introducing new and innovative products, reaching every part of India, remaining customercentric, constantly upgrading its knowledge base and skills has been the forte of Parle. Every 100 ml serving of Frooti provides 61 calories of energy and 14 grams of carbohydrates.

Over the years, Frooti’s packaging has evolved. Frooti has gone through many progressive design changes in the past. Continuing with the unending will to innovate, Parle launched the Frooti bottle pack in 2013. This ‘first time in the world’ pack combines the goodness of a Tetra Pak with the convenience of a bottle. The tagline ‘Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy’ is very popular especially amongst the children. Quite evidently, Frooti has also been rated as ‘India’s Most Trusted Fruit Beverage Brand’.

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