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WCRCINT’s mesmerising and spectacular WCRCFEST 2023 recognises World’s Leading Brands and Leaders at the Prestigious House of Lords Ceremony, The Palace of Westminster, London

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wcrcint awards, the house of lords
[London, 16th October, 2023] – The House of Lords at The Palace of Westminster witnessed an evening of unparalleled prestige and spectacle as global leaders in brand and leadership equity firm, WCRCINT proudly presented the “World’s Leading Brands and Leaders” Award Ceremony. This distinguished event brought together the crème de la crème of global business leaders and renowned brands and leaders, all under one roof, for an evening of celebration, networking, and acknowledgment. Apart from CEOs and founder of leading companies from 25 nations, the event saw a remarkable turnaround of Ministers, Dignitaries, Lords and Baroness’s. It was a spectacle that will create a lifetime of memories. Some of the prominent guests included Rt. Hon Lord Swraj Paul, Rt. Hon Baroness Helena Kennedy, Rt. Hon Lord Michael Abraham Levy, Rt. Hon Baroness Sandip Verma, Rt Hon Baroness Pola Uddin, Member of Parliament Barry Gardiner, Member of Parliament Virender Sharma amongst many other distinguished guests. 

wcrcint awards

The grandeur of the House of Lords, with its rich history and heritage, provided the perfect backdrop for WCRCFEST 2023. The “World’s Leading Brands and Leaders” Award Ceremony is an opportunity to honour and celebrate businesses and individuals who have achieved the highest levels of excellence, innovation, and leadership in their respective industries. Under the aegis of World’s Leading Brands and Leaders, WCRCINT presented the World’s Best Emerging Brands and Leaders, The Global Inspirational Brands and Leaders and The World’s leading Brands and leaders after a. Year of brand and leadership research and analysis. 

This event is a celebration of excellence on a global scale. The “World’s Leading Brands and Leaders” awards recognises brands and leaders who have demonstrated exceptional prowess in areas such as brand equity enhancement, innovation, sustainability, ethical practices, and community engagement. The evening was dedicated to paying tribute to those who have not only achieved excellence but have also contributed to positive change in their communities and industries.

“The House of Lords, steeped in tradition and prestige, was the perfect setting to recognise the world’s leading brands and leaders. It is an honour to host this event where we showcase the best in the business world,” said Abhimanyu Ghosh, Editor in Chief and Chairman, Jury at WCRCINT & WCRCLEADERS. “By celebrating these exceptional accomplishments, we aim to inspire a new generation of leaders and businesses to strive for greatness, make a difference, and lead by example.”

“WCRCINT’s global approach and its service to global and Indian brands is unparalleled today. I have been associated with them for many years and each year they produce fantastic results and spectacular events.” said RT Hon Lord Swraj Paul, Global Leading Industrialist and Philanthropist. 

Speaking on the occasion Rt. Hon Lord Michael Abraham Levy said “It is such an honour to be present here with global leaders from everywhere. This is far bigger than what I had expected.”

British Member of Parliament, Barry Gardiner emphasised on building firm trade relations to fortify economy and business.

Rt Hon Baroness Helena Kennedy said “Being a supporter of global trade. It is my privilege to be joined here by global leaders in such a beautiful setting here at the House of Lords in London. Many congratulations to WCRCINT.”

Member of Parliament, Virender Sharma said “I am an active supporter of the Asian diaspora in England. Its a great pride to see so many global leaders from the diaspora”. 

Rt Hon Baroness Pola Uddin said “Its the second time I am attending an event by WCRCINT and I am delighted to say that this time is even better than the last time. Delighted to be present here in this amazing gathering.”

Rt Hon Baroness Sandip Verma said “If we have to be one family, one earth and one world, the south and north have to be equal. The packed hall here suggests absolutely brilliance of the concept. I am delighted to hear the stories of all award winners present here. Congrats to WCRCINT.”

The event was graced by a distinguished panel of international judges, experts in various industries, who have carefully evaluated the nominees and winners based on stringent criteria. The gala evening also featured keynote speakers who shared insights into global business trends, fostering networking and knowledge-sharing among attendees.

The prominent winners at the World’s Leading Brands and Leaders, which included the World’s Best Emerging Brands and Leaders, Global Inspirational Brands and Leaders and the World’s Leading Brands and Leaders for 2023 included:

Sudha Reddy (Director, MEIL) , Chairperson, Sudha Reddy Foundation, Barun Das ( MD & CEO ) TV9 Network,  MP Barry Gardiner, Lord Swraj Paul, Dr. Ian Hutchinson , Baroness Helena Kennedy , Baroness Valerie amos , Dr. G S GIl (Renowned Cardiologist) Dr.Satya Vadlamani (Chairperson and Managing Director ) Murli Krishna Pharma Pvt Ltd , Puneet Gaur – (COO ) Next Quarter, Suppan Sarvanamuthu ( Director Of Operations – Asia Pacific) IRON MOUNTAIN DATA CENTERS , Jitendra Mohan (COO )WILLOWOOD CHEMICALS LTD , Mahesh Mahato ( Founder & MD ) Cosmic Electrical Limited , Ram Movva ( Chairman and CEO ) Securin , Amitavo Chowdhury Wye ( Managing Director) ShipDyn Ltd , Sameer Deolalikar ( Founder & CEO ) Fyaril AB , Vikash Kumar Vikash, IPS (Inspector General of Police ) Northern Range, Belgaum, Karnataka (India) , Riva Walia ( Managing Director ) France Canada Chamber of Commerce (Ontario) , Turab Ur Rahaman ( Director Operations) SAB Express , Garry Sangha ( CEO ) CCI Group Of Companies , Gülhanım Sümeyra Aslan ( Founder and Director ) GSA ARCHITECTURE , Raghava Rao ( Founder ) NSR Ventures ,Maneesh Tripathi ( Group CEO and Director ) Marble Rocks VCC Fund , Dr.Sanjay Agarwal ( Chief Operating Officer & Whole Time Director ) IJM India Infrastructure Limited , Ashish Bhasin (Founder & Managing Director ) Marmo Solutions Private Limited , Ashwini Wankhede ( President & COO) Toyota Lift Northwest ,Patrick Mensah (Chairman and CEO ) WallStreet Investment ,JAI THAMPI ( CEO)  ARTHA STRATEGIES , SRI SAITEJA ANNAREDDY ( Co-Founder / CEO ) Chakravuyha Software Technologies Private Limited , Rakesh Markhedkar ( CMD ) Vikran Group , Sudhir Mishra ( Founder & Managing Partner ) Trust Legal Advocates & Consultants , Vaibhav Gaggar  ( Counsel – Chambers of Vaibhav Gaggar) Chambers of Vaibhav Gaggar ,Rajesh Bhardwaj ( Managing Partner )  INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LAW CONSULTANTS,Shravan Kumar( CEO and Founder)  Sakshath Technologies ,Marie Raccuglia (Founder) Ignition Key , Gaurav Agarwal (MD ) Innvolution Healthcare  , Ravindra Shrivastava ( Senior Advocate , Supreme Court of India ) Shikha Shandilya ( Co founder ) Net worth Corp , Natasha Makhijani ( Group CEO )  Oliver Sanderson Group , Shaita Shaw , Varun Kancharla ( Managing Director) Celebrity Prime Group , Jayesh Saini ( FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN ) LIFECARE HOSPITALS & GROUP , Khaled ElSayed ( Managing Director ) Synerjies Center for International and Strategic Studies , Syam P Prabhu ( Founder & Managing Director ) AURION Business , Consultants ,Dr Sanjay Chadda(MD ) Stanadyne India Sameer Mohammed ( Founder & CEO ) Nocturnal Network , Aparna Gorrepati (Founder ) ZUCI CHOCOLATES , Chan Ngo Kong ( Co-founder & CEO ) Inch. Interior Design Ltd , SV Anchan ( Chairman) Safesea Group , Karthikeyan Yuvraj ( Researcher and Roboticist ) USA , Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth ( Founder & Managing Director ) Rupus Global Limited , Mohammed AlKayed (  Deputy Chief Executive Officer)Gulf Hotels Group,Sunny Nandwani ( Founder & MD) Acuver Consulting , Dr.Vivek Das (Founder  ) Pro-Consulting Solutions , Liberatha Peter Pallat ( Chairperson and Managing Director) DreamFolks Services limited

wcrcint awards

In addition to recognising the award recipients, the event aims to facilitate collaboration, encourage the adoption of best practices, and promote innovation and growth on a global scale.

WCRCINT invites businesses, leaders, and professionals from around the world to attend this prestigious “World’s Leading Brands and Leaders” Award Ceremony at the House of Lords and be part of this unparalleled celebration of global excellence. 

For participation and inquiries about the next event of World’s Leading Brands and Leaders 2024 at the House of Lords in The Palace of Westminster, please contact : Rahul Kapoor +917290983662 or mail us at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


(WCRCINT) is a renowned global organization dedicated to recognizing and honoring leading brands and leaders for their outstanding contributions to business and society. With a mission to showcase excellence and inspire excellence, WCRCINT is committed to promoting ethical practices and innovation across industries.

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