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India's Most Promising Brands 2017 – HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers

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India’s Most Promising Brands 2017 – HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers

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HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd, which is popularly known as the brand ‘HPM’ is the pioneer Manufacturer and Exporter of Pesticides Technicals and Formulations. With its relentless efforts the company has established itself as one of the front-runners and a trusted name in the agro-input business. It was nominated for the ‘World’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2016-17 Asia and GCC.’
Mr Ashok Aggarwal the Chairman and MD has bagged several esteemed awards including the ‘Bhartiya Udyog Ratna’ from Indian Economic Development and Research Association in 2005.
HPM has managed to make its presence felt by executing the five factors necessary for success in any business area – Innovation, Research, Development, Marketing and Execution.
With increase in health consciousness and preference to eco-friendly products has seen a shift in dietary habits and an adoption of healthy lifestyle that has led to a demand of quality products with health and nutritional benefits.The growing awareness of health in the population demanded a change in method of crop growth techniques. The “Team Marketing”played a pivotal role of reaching out to the farmers and educating them about the need to adapt the latest farming techniques. The relentless effort of “Team Marketing” saw a change in the farmers’ outlook towards modern farming techniques that gave a new look to the Agro-business.
The plethora of products developed at HPM has helped the farmers not only yield healthy crops but has also helped to improve their financial conditions. With the good will and efforts of Team HPMhas reached 22 countries and the distribution network has increased to a larger scale covering 20 provinces and 26 locations across India. Due to the widespread network, the company was able to understand consumer issues first-hand across the globe and could inculcate the changes in their products and services for a further penetration in the market.
Adaptability to the changing environment and needs of the consumers was possible to execute because of the organizations’ firm rooting to their core vision and values of perfection, commitment and dedication.
The impact of HPM efforts is visible when the Happy Farmers refer HPM products to their fraternity.
Innovation is the most sought ethics at HPM India. The company uses latest technological advancements in Agrochemical to produce the finest quality fertilizers and farming seeds.HPM has a well-equipped infrastructure for their researchers and to manufacture top notch products in the agro-chemical business. While innovation has become core for any business to survive the fast changing environment, Quality is required to sustain in the market
HPM looks to scale up their business by growing their customer support team and fulfil the need of the customers and build a team that is region sensitive. They aim to further capture the domestic market as well as leave their foot prints in the international market by becoming a Global Brand that will “Nurture, Protect and Care” the agricultural sector. <
HPM is compliant -ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007
Unparalleled infrastructure with three specializedtechnical manufacturing units in 20715 sq. Meter
Premier company in India in agro chemical segment with state of the art and colossal infrastructure
Extensive distributor networking. 5000 and still more to come

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