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adamasThe Adamas University has been established by the Sachis Kiron Roy Memorial Trust (SKRMT) under The Adamas University Act, 2014 (West Bengal Act IV of 2014) passed by the West Bengal Legislature and approved by the Governor. The provisions of The Adamas University Act, 2014 have come into effect from 11th April 2014 through a notification issued by the Government of West Bengal on the same date.

Blaze to Brilliance The University was established with the intention to provide a solution to all educational needs under one roof. Strong industry tie-ups and adequate knowledgesharing between the industry and the academia are being looked into. The world-class smart campus have the latest technological facilities to help students stay connected and to increase knowledge-sharing collaboration between them. Several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are being used to encourage the overall development of the students. Further, exposure to foreign courses and interaction with foreign students through student exchange programmes are being ensured.

Engagement that Enthralls The University has been established with the vision of providing quality education to students to help them become professionally competent as well as academically knowledgeable. It is expected to act as a centre of excellence, drawing students from both India and abroad. As the parent organization, The RICE Group will also contribute to shaping the destiny of the youth of West Bengal pursuing their studies in the Adamas University.

Innovedge The system of imparting the education is flexible and multidisciplinary with state-of theart and interactive pedagogy, the University is expected to gradually grow to accommodate other areas of study. adamas High-quality relevant research facilities will be one of the University’s core strengths and efforts are being made to collaborate with the industries and educational institutions of repute within the country and abroad by way of collaborative projects, collaborative research, and faculty and student exchange programs.

Faith Factor It aims to facilitate an environment for students that not just arm them with the right knowledge, but also train them in a way that make them industry-ready by the time they complete their stint at the University. The special awareness programmes for science and technology and the varied faculty of studies has been designed to provide the right kind of pedagogy and opportunities for research gives the university an edge in the competitive education sector.

Brand Promise Adamas University aims to set up a world-class smart campus by providing the latest technological facilities to its students to help them stay connected as well as to encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among them. It also hopes to create a paper-less environment-friendly institution.

Power facts 1. Adamas University formed and opened within Adamas Knowledge City in 2014. 2. Strong industry tie-ups.

Promise Beacon 1. State-of-the-art infrastructure. 2. The University aims to set up a green campus by minimizing energy consumption. 3. Student exchange programs.

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