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Under Gupta’s leadership, the brand Kent has grown steadily and is today a household name with more than 40 per cent market share. Discovery and innovation are the two keywords in Gupta’s philosophy
Kent RO Systems Ltd

Mahesh Gupta, chairman, Kent RO Systems Ltd, is the man who revolutionised the water purifier industry in India. Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Kent RO Systems Ltd makes water purifiers based on the Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification process. Over the years, under the leadership of Mahesh Gupta, the company has been manufacturing air purifiers, vegetable & fruit purifiers and water softeners.

 His efforts for providing pure, sweet and healthy drinking water to the middle class Indians gave birth to Kent RO systems in the year 1999. His entrepreneurial journey began in 1999 from a scratch which led to the invention of the country’s first dual technology water purifier. The water purifier proved to be the answer to alarming problems of scarcity of safe drinking water.

The brand Kent has grown steadily and is today a household name in the country with more than 40 per cent market share in the RO water purifiers. Discovery and innovation are the two keywords in Mahesh Gupta’s philosophy for providing wholesome healthcare and well-being to the mankind. By adding an array of Ozone-based food and air purifiers to its product range, the company has brought pure water to drink, pure food to eat and pure air to breathe. Healthcare is not just a business for him but it is his passion, in fact, the very purpose of existence of Kent. His creativity is matched only by his spirit of giving. Gupta’s efforts made the Kent product and brand so unique that it has been bestowed with international awards like ‘India’s Most Attractive Brand 2013’ and ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brand’ in 2012-13.

In recognition of his contribution to the water purification industry, he was named as the ‘pure water man’ of the country. Apart from Kent RO, he is also the senior vice-president of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Necessity is the mother of all invention and this saying goes perfectly for the life and achievements of the ‘pure water man’ of modern India. 

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